As I talk about in this post, there is a lot of power in re-selling. Especially now when people are looking to get high-value items at bargain price points! Enter the world of re-selling where there is no one right strategy but many ways to be successful. The below tips for re-sellers are things I have learned along the way either from experience or from the re-selling community.

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Tip #1: Brands

There are thousands of brands, designers, labels, and such out there. So how do you know what to sell? There are brands that are traditionally doing well on each platform as well as brands that bring more attention to your closet. These include currently trending designers, high-value items, and hard to find labels.

But more importantly, you need to analyze what is selling in your own closet. What items tend to move more quickly. Which ones sell for full price versus needing many offers to likers? Take time to look at your own inventory and the trends you are seeing there. Additionally, another way to see what is selling is to check the “just in” items and filter them to “sold” so you can see what is selling quickly. Of course, there is no wrong brands to sell. Because what may work for me, may not work for you which is what makes the re-selling platforms so great for all of us!

Tip #2: Packaging

Opinions on packaging varies amongst re-sellers. What I have experienced is that buyers love little touches to packaging and as do I as a buyer as well. I think that a little extra packaging to show you care how your item arrives at the buyer’s doorstep goes a long way. This does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. Simply wrapping your item in tissue paper and tying with string or ribbon goes a long way. I am a fan of a thank you note and/or sticker but we will cover that in another tip. To sum it up, go the little extra and make your packaging more personal. Your buyers will appreciate it.

Tip #3: Offers to Likers (OTLs)

Offers to likers should be a big part of your strategy. This is a great way to show your buyers that you are willing to make them a great deal. In my experience, many of my sales come from OTLs. As a buyer, I am more often to purchase when sent a good offer. We all like a good deal and seeing something you like go on sale is a great incentive to click that coveted “buy” button. The other thing that OTLs tends to do is inspire buyers to make another offer than you can either accept or counter.

Tip #4: Shipping Time

Shipping time is important for many reasons. It is important to both the buyer and the seller and is something that should be a strong part of your re-selling strategy. Do you have to ship the same day? Not necessarily as you need to find what works for you. Maybe you don’t live close to the post office and choose to use porch package pickup. Or maybe you make a trip to a drop off box every few days after multiple sales. Poshmark specifically suggests shipping within 3 days and tracks each seller’s average ship time. My advice: look into the various shipping options (drop off, porch pickup, post office run, etc.) and find what is most efficient and timely for your re-selling business.

Tip #5: NWT Acronym

A huge part of re-selling is learning the lingo. Though not extremely difficult, there are still a lot of acronyms to learn to use. Let’s start with NWT which stands for New With Tags. NWT means that your item still has it’s original tags attached. Using this in your listings alerts buyers that your item is brand new and should only be used when items are and include the tags. When you have a NWT item, be sure to include this in your title, description and click “yes” to this so it populates on your listing for buyers to clearly see.

Tip #6: Re-listing

Re-listing is a hot topic especially right now. For sellers on Poshmark, the new copy feature is making re-listing super easy. I speak from experience when I say that re-selling should be a huge part of your strategy. Re-listing on a daily and weekly basis can bring increased traffic and sales. What re-listing does is push your listing to the top of the section for that brand as well as to the “just-in” section of the platform. This can cause the item to gain more interest as well as bring buyers to your closet. Many re-sellers, myself included are seeing the value in an increased re-listing strategy that is bringing more and more sales.

Tip #7: The Counteroffer

Counteroffers are often a game of chance. As much as we as re-sellers love to see an offer come in, we can also be filled with dread to find out it is a low-ball offer. Some will tell you to always counteroffer to get the most you can out of the sale. Others will say accept all offers and move your inventory. As like most strategies, there is no wrong way to do it.

However, here is my advice. First, know what you paid for the item, what it is worth, and what it is selling for. Then assess the amount you would like to make from the item and determine whether countering for a few extra dollars will really make or break the sale. Often times, if the offer is only a few dollars short of the price you want to sell for, it is not worth risking the loss of the entire sale for only a few bucks. Only you can determine this based on your COG, ASP, and stats. The more about know about your own numbers, the better off you will be to deal with counteroffers.

Tip #8: Free Shipping Supplies

When it comes to free shipping supplies, the United States Postal Service is your BFF. In case you didn’t know, you can order a plethora of free shipping supplies from the post office! Some of these can be picked up in-store while there is even more variety online here. These supplies range from the various sizes of boxes to the regular envelopes, padded envelopes (my favorite), printing labels, and more! Word is you can even call USPS and order packing tape for free! Perks of utilizing these supplies include that they are FREE, are easily shipped to your door or picked up in person and that they work perfectly for shipping your sales. Of course, they are not as pretty or cute as some of the paid mailers you can buy but did I mention they are FREE?

Tip #9: Measurements

In my opinion and experience, providing measurements in listings is important. This is especially important for certain items such as dresses and jeans. I have found that my listings that include appropriate measurements sell better than items that do not include them. You of course will have some buyers that will ask about measurements if something does not have it but think about the interested buyers that you lost because you didn’t include a few rather simple measurements.

As mentioned, not every item needs every single little measurement taken but I would suggest including measurements for chest, waist, and overall length for dresses and waist, length, and inseam for jeans. The more, the better but at least start here and see how that helps your listings move. As always, do what works for your business but measurements come highly recommended.

Tip #10: Price Filters

I learned this tip from others and am passing it right along to you. And that is to keep price filters in mind when pricing out an item. There are 6 filters on Poshmark for your item to fall under so use that to your advantage. If you price the item at $25 then it will fall in two categories-the under $25 one and the $25-50 range. But if you price it at $24 then it will only fall into one. Take the time to get familiar with the price ranges and strategically price items at certain intervals such as $25, $50, $100 to get the most exposure.

Tip #11: White Poster Board Hack

Here is a simple and cheap photo hack for you. Get yourself a few pieces of white poster or foam board from the dollar store. Why? Because these work as the perfect backdrop for photographing smaller items like shoes, handbags and jeans, or skirts. Use one or two on the floor to put your item on and one or two against a wall as a backdrop. When you lighten up your photos, the background will look pure white and your items will pop! One other option would be to get a large tri-fold poster board which is a little more expensive (still less than $5) and use this for all of the above. No need to invest in expensive backdrops with dollar store options at your fingertips.

Tip #12: Listing Descriptions

Listing descriptions (next to your title) are the most important part of your listing. The amount of detail you put or don’t put can make or break a sale. A listing should include coloring, detailing, style type, length, sleeve and neckline details. It should also have information regarding the condition of the item, the makeup of materials as well as all of your measurements. The more detailed, the better as buyers are looking to determine if the item is right for them or not and they cannot accurately do so without having all the details. Do not be afraid to include too much information only too little. If you are interested in my free checklist for writing these descriptions, check it out here.

Tip #13: Google Sheets Tracking

As re-sellers, it is important that we stay organized and efficient. One excellent way I have found to do this is to use Google Sheets to track your inventory, cost of goods (COG), sales, return on investments (ROI) and so much more. The beauty of google sheets is that you can track everything in one easy to use document by adding various tabs at the bottom. For example, mine goes like this: Sales, Inventory, Thrifting, Monthly. Each tab has a bunch of information and data that I use on a daily or weekly basis. I can access the document from both my computer and my phone and it automatically saves all of my inputted information. It really is a re-sellers best friend!

Tip #14: EUC Acronym

The acronym EUC refers to an item being in “excellent used condition.” But, what does that mean? It means that an item is not brand new but remains in a condition that is very good after use. The item may have been worn once or ten times but remains in a condition that is considered to be excellent. EUC is used in a variety of ways and is very subjective based on the seller. Using EUC can be very beneficial as buyers have learned that this means they can expect the item to be in a great state. However, I encourage you to use this while also doing two things. First, make sure you add any flaws, and secondly, take great photos to show the condition.

Tip #15: Seasonal Items

Myth: you must list only items for the current season. This is a myth because we do not all live in the same region where the climate is the same. Nor do we vacation in the same types of places. I may live somewhere hot but plan to travel somewhere cold in the next month and need a coat or sweater in the middle of August. There is no need to forget about your now non-seasonal listings once the season changes. People buy bathing suits in the winter and jeans in July. The moral of the story on this one is simple: list, re-list, source, and share all of your items regardless of the season.

Tip #16: The Re-list Offer

Before I re-list, I always do one thing. I send my very best and final offer out to likers. Then in 24 hours if no one takes advantage of that discount then I re-list the items. Some share that they do not like losing the likes when they re-list which I understand. However, my theory is that if the likers were not willing to buy at your lowest then they are not going to buy period. Re-list that item and find a buyer that is going to actually commit.

Tip #17: Retail Arbitrage Overview

When I first started re-selling, I had no idea what retail arbitrage was. Now, I am a huge fan. Retail arbitrage is simply buying items at retail stores and flipping them for profit. This can occur at any retail store but is more common at the bigger discount stores that carry designer and brand names such as TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Marshall’s, Ross and the list goes on. There can be good business in flipping items from these stores. Be sure to use the right strategy, check comps, and know your numbers to make sure it is a good deal. Sourcing from retail stores can be a great addition to your business along with sourcing from the thrift stores.

Tip #18: Style Keywords

When writing your descriptions, make sure to include key style words that a buyer may be looking for. For example, they may be looking for a dress for a wedding so you could add the keywords “wedding guest” to a listing that fits that style. Other common keywords such as “boho, festival, trendy, workwear” can all be added to a listing so that it will pop up when a buyer searches for it. Style keywords can be embedded into your listing or you can make a line specifically for these words in your listing. Using them only increases your item’s chance of being seen.

Tip #19: Checking Comps

Checking comps has been one of the best things for my re-selling business. It is so important to take the time in the store to check for comparable items that have sold. This can be items in the exact same size or in a similar size but the item should be the same when possible. It is also helpful to check and see how many of the same item is currently selling and at what price points. Checking comps should help you determine whether an item is worth picking up or not. Just because an item has a high retail value does not mean it will sell, only the comps will tell you that.

Tip #20: Negative Reviews

Sure, reviews are important but just as is in everything, we are not going to please everyone with everything all the time. Do not let a negative review get you down. Learn from comments you can improve on and ignore the ones that you have no control over. For example. if you provided all measurements and sizing information in your listing and the buyer is mad that it did not fit right, that is not your fault. Put the negative review behind you and focus on your next sale. Always look for ways to improve but never give up or give in due to a negative nancy.

Tip #21: Photo Hack-Tape

I use tape as one of my favorite hacks for pesky items that will not hang nicely off the hanger for a photo. What I do is take clear tape and either apply it behind the item by making a little tape doughball or by taping the ends of the item directly to the wall where I am photographing it. This is especially helpful for items like wrap dresses and tops that have sides that want to pull in rather than display out so buyers can actually see what the item looks like. Visit my IG to see this tip in action.

Tip #22: Bundling Likes

One strategy worth trying when it comes to making sales is bundling a buyers likes. Poshmark can be confusing for newer buyers unfamiliar with the bundle feature. Say they like 2-3 or even more items but do not realize they can bundle for even a better offer, that’s where your knowledge and strategy comes in. You can easily bundle their likes and send your best offer with a comment to the buyer. Hopefully doing this plus the added discount is enough to seal the sale! In many cases, buyers are happy to make or have a bundle made for them that gives them the discounted shipping.

Tip #23: Targeting Followers

Building up a base of followers on Poshmark can be beneficial to making sales. However, just going in and following a bunch of random people will not necessarily help you as much as targeting who you are following will. Here is how to target followers for the brands you are currently selling:

  1. Click “Find People”
  2. Click “My Brands”
  3. Choose or search for one of the brands you are currently selling
  4. Under “Sort” click “active sellers”
  5. Follow people under “active sellers” for your most popular or highest quantity brands