As my blogging and social media journeys continue, there is one thing I am most certain of. And that is the wealth of information that is out there being shared. This info can be beyond helpful as we tackle new skills, tasks, and adventures. I whole-heartedly believe in sharing these resources, tips, tricks, and such with all of you because I have learned much from so many that have come before me.

Tip Types

This page is split into two distinct tip topics. The reason for that is because I have two major passions right now. Content creating and re-selling. Let’s be real, I have a million passions but these are two of my current side hustles and areas where I am building the most experience with knowledge to share. Under each, you will find a wealth of tips and tricks I have learned from others along the way.


The first set of tips is for content creators. Whether you are a fellow blogger, another social media lover, or are looking into how to use social media and/or your blog for storytelling, these tips are for you.

View the tips for creators here.


Re-selling has quickly become a passion of mine as well as a great side hustle. There is much to learn on this topic and I know I would not be where I currently am with this business venture if it weren’t for my fellow re-sellers that are always willing to share their wisdom and experiences. So I am passing along that shared knowledge to you!

View the re-seller tips here.