Meet the Social Gal

Thanks for visiting my blog! This thing has been a long time goal of mine! And I am thrilled to be here offering you a variety of content.

From updating you on the current fashion trends to helping you set a new mindset each month, my goal is to provide you quality content to help you on your own journey.

By being here, you are helping me on mine and that is working on this new(ish) found passion-blogging and content creation.

My Story

I wanted to briefly share how I got to this point and why I decided to start a lifestyle blog. Initially it all began with my desire to bring people together via a social group I started on Facebook called, Social Gals of Hampton Roads. This grew into me spreading my wings as even more of a social butterfly. Eventually, I started my Instagram account that chronicled my social adventures around the 757. Originally the blog was destined to be more of a local’s guide to all things social. But it really took on a life of its own and now, not quite a year later, it has developed into a full-blown lifestyle blog that I am loving.

Glad You Are Here. . .

I am so glad you have found your way here and hope you like what you are reading! As I mentioned, I will continue to strive to bring you the content you want and the content you need.

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