Thanks for visiting my new blog! I am excited to finally start putting all of my recommendations down in writing in the form of this blog! Blogging has been a goal of mine for awhile and it has been quite a fun journey getting to this point!

So how did I get to the point of writing my own social/ lifestyle blog? I’ve always been a social butterfly to an extent and upon moving to Virginia, this hobby really took off! It began with starting my own social group for local ladies which included supper clubs, brunches, wine tastings, events and more! This started getting me out and about town a lot and I really began to be “in the know” of all the local happenings! Eventually running the social group and at the enthusiastic encouragement of friends, I started an Instagram account solely based around my adventures! This spring that account turned the big “one year” old and my goal of blogging came to fruition!

My goal is to continue to do what I’ve always done on my personal and adventure social media accounts and that is to bring you restaurant reviews, event ideas, social scenes and more all done with honesty and style!

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