Let’s face it! In today’s world, there are so many tools, resources, websites, and the like out there for creators. The waters can get a bit mucky will all the information there is. Enter the need for a short, simple, and sweet tips from me to you.

The following are quick tips for bloggers, content creators, and virtually anyone looking to learn a thing or two! If you want to see the exact resources I use, you can see them all on my resources page!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links may be used in some tips meaning that I get a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional expense to you. You can read my full disclaimer policy here.

Tip #1: Canva Quotes

Canva is a well-known design tool but did you know you can craft perfect quotes with one of many templates? Quotes are typically sought after pieces of content so capitalize on that and give your followers some well-designed inspiration. Simply search “quote” on Canva then add your brand colors, logo, text and make a one of a kind quote.

Tip #2: Planoly Hashtags

Hopefully, you are using hashtags in your IG posts because they are an excellent way to reach people that are not in your current following. There is a science behind hashtags to ensure you are reaching your target audience. So one feature of Planoly that I absolutely love is the ability to build hashtags groups based on your content types! This tool is a game-changer and makes it stupid easy to edit and add the best hashtags to reach your target audiences. #awesome

Tip #3: IG Bio

Your IG bio is like a first impression. What you put there is what people read about your first. This tip is specifically about WHO you are which goes in that first NAME line. Along with your name, include what you do. For example mine reads, Lauren: Lifestyle Blogger. This heading will hook in your target audience and quickly give them an insight into who you are. Keep in mind you are only allowed 30 characters here so keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Tip #4: Linktree

Do you have several links to share with your audience? Then you need to get Linktree– it’s free. Linktree allows you to build and edit your own links to go in your IG bio. Rather than include only one link to your blog or website, you can add as many as you want so your followers can easily access your content. It is free for basic use, is easy to use, and is a major benefit to your business. Add the link to your Linktree in your bio and all the links will be available to your audience with one click.

Tip #5: Social Media Planner

Planners are my jam and have made my productivity skyrocket through the roof. I use the Make Chic Happen planner for writing out all my social media posts for the week. This includes IG, IG stories, and Facebook. This specific planner also includes goal setting, a place to analyze insights, a weekly reflection, and content creating section plus helpful tips along the way! I highly recommend this specific planner from Amazon because planning out your content will save you time like you would not believe while making your content that much better!

Tip #6: Pinterest Visual Search

There is a new Pinterest tool that is pretty darn cool! You can now search the database using images. Say for example, you saw a great piece of art at a restaurant you visited and want to see who it is by or explore how you can purchase a similar piece, you can now easily search this.

Simply go to Pinterest and click the search button. Once there, locate the search bar and camera icon on the right side and upload your image. You will immediately get two types of results. The results to explore with pins about what you uploaded and pins to shop where you can see the same or similar products with price points. Such a useful tool for price comparisons, how-tos, for re-sellers, and more!

Tip #7: IG Insights

IG insights should be your best friend. If they aren’t yet, that’s okay but it is time to get on that! IG insights are basically all your stats about what you post as a creator which can tell you so many things. Not only does it tell you what your audience likes best, but it will also show you what drives traffic to your website if you have one, how many people are discovering you via your hashtags, and what content is most shareable just to name a few. Your insights should be helping you decide what and when to post. There is so much information to be found with your insights so take some time and start exploring. Pro Tip: start with your reach and impressions then grow (pun intended) for there.

Tip #8: IG Stories

IG stories have become increasingly popular! Stories are a great way to show your followers the behind the scenes look at life. From showing them a sneak peek at a product you are working on to just a snapshot of everyday life, IG stories are where it is at!

Utilizing stories should be simple, fun, and quick! Planning these out is important too but at the same time, there are so many ways to make your stories stand out and really show your followers who you are. Here are some examples of ways to liven up your stories: add your to-do list in text format, show a sneak peek of a project, incorporate a poll to engage your followers, ask a question or give a quiz, share relatable content from other users, post a countdown to a launch date or use GIFs to add some visual excitement to the post! Start adding to your IG story to see how your followers like it and keep showing up so they can see who you are!

Tip #9: New IG Reels

You may have noticed your feed is flooded with videos right now. That is because the new Instagram reels feature has launched. This tip is not going to be about how to use them (peep my social media for that) but it is going to be about what they are and why you should give it a try. I’ve only begun making them but I am already a fan!

The IG reels are 15-second videos with many different editing features. They can be sped up, down, or in regular time. Filters and music can also be applied to the short video with many options available for both. Reels can be made as quick snapshots put together as a video or one continuous 15-second motion bound video. I think they are a great way to post video content without using IGTV which is for much longer and more in-depth content. Reels are trending right now and a super fun way to connect to your audience. I highly encourage you to make one for yourself and see what you think.