A Social Gal’s Top 5: Stylish Accessories

Stylish Accessories

Accessories can be a girl’s best friend (besides her dog). That’s why this week we are covering A Social Gal’s Top 5: Stylish Accessories. This list includes my favorite items to add to every outfit and why you should make sure you have them in your wardrobe. Let’s begin!

1. Clutches

A gal can never have too many clutches in my opinion. The beauty of the clutch is that you can use it for various occasions. From date night to taking one with you to the beach to carrying a clutch when out and about running errands. Clutches are universal and super stylish.

My other favorite thing about using a small clutch is that it is much less heavy and cumbersome as carrying around your purse. If you are like me and your purse weighs as much as a small child, carrying a clutch is a much-needed relief and one that makes your outfit that much better. Finally, I think clutches are great because they come in every size, shape, and color. I am not saying go spend a small fortune on these things because you can very easily amass a collection of clutches very inexpensively. Up your outfit ante and get yourself some clutches girl.

2. Sunglasses

I am a sucker for some cool shades. And I have really light-sensitive eyes so I have to wear them. That’s a really good excuse to buy some great shades to get me through the sunnier seasons. Sunglasses make the A Social Gal’s Top 5: Stylish Accessories because they are a great addition to any outfit. Wearing leggings, sneakers, and a crewneck? Just add some sunnies. Or maybe you are dressed up for an afternoon outdoor festival. Add those fun sunglasses girl and complete your look. Sunglasses can be such a fun way to accessorize your outfit. Don’t be afraid to try some edgy styles and see how you like it.

3. Earrings

Earrings are my favorite statement jewelry pieces. From simple to dramatic and everything in between, earrings can be a fantastic addition to your outfit. You will rarely find me without a pair of earrings in my ear even if I am working out. I truly think that every outfit even the most comfy and simple of them are deserving of a great pair of earrings. Just like what I said with clutches above, earrings can be found for super cheap so get yourself a few (dozen) pairs and start accessorizing those outfits!

4. More Jewelry

Jewelry as a whole makes the A Social Gal’s Top 5: Stylish Accessories because it is a great way to add a touch of your personality to your outfit. Whether you are a huge jewelry fan and love wearing bracelets on bracelets or you are all about a statement necklace, jewelry is a great way to add that pop to what you are wearing. The fun thing about jewelry is that it can be super personal. Accessorize yourself with pieces you like, pieces that mean something to you whether sentimental or passed down from a family member. Wearing jewelry can be a great and stylish representation of you!

5. Nails

I write about accessorizing your nails as I type with tie-dye nail art on mine! I despise fake nails but love having my nails accessorized as part of my outfit. Whether you love your fake claws, get a simple manicure done, or do them yourself at home, adding a pop of color, a design, or just a simple shade to your nails is a great way to enhance your look. Nails make A Social Gal’s Top 5: Stylish Accessories because it is an easy one to overlook. Don’t overlook your nail style but instead, use it to add upon your already stylish ways!

So Chic!

You my friends have a lot of style and I hope this list of 5 ways to up your outfits with accessories gave you a few things to think about. Maybe you already have all the items above but just aren’t sure how to use them. I highly encourage you to be bold and start using accessories to enhance your already great looks!

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Stylish Accessories
Stylish Accessories

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