A Social Gal’s Top 5: Self-Care Ideas

A Social Gal's Top 5: Self-Care Ideas

We are back this week talking about A Social Gal’s Top 5: Self-Care Ideas because taking time for yourself is vital to your overall health. Many of us do so much for others that we forget to take care of ourselves.

How can we take care of our loved ones if we aren’t giving ourselves what we need? The truth is, we can’t. So here are a few ways to indulge in some much needed and well-deserved self-care.

1. Get Pampered

Treat yourself to some pampering time instead of being the one always doing that for others. Self-care can be expensive but it does not have to be. Here are a few ways to do so both on a budget or as a splurge:

  • get a massage
  • book a reflexology session
  • go get your hair done
  • take a nice long bath
  • fix your hair or do your own hair
  • treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure
  • book a skin treatment or facial
  • buy a foot soak and float on
  • indulge in a spa day
  • make time for a float therapy session
  • use a bath bomb or shower scrub and turn your bathroom into the spa

2. Alone Time

Sometimes all we want is some alone time. Though we love the people in our lives, at times there is nothing better than just time to ourselves. One amazing form of self-care is to take some much needed alone time. You don’t even need to do anything spectacular with this time other than just be. Enjoy the precious moments of peace and quiet and relax knowing everyone is cared for while you truly enjoy time to yourself.

3. Retail Therapy

Ahhh, my favorite! Retail therapy is golden. I am not encouraging you to go out and blow all your savings in a fun-filled shopping spree. But, a little joy-filled time spent at your favorite stores is a must on A Social Gal’s Top 5: Self-Care Ideas especially if you are a shopper.

At times, window shopping and just being in the stores can be as much fun as buying. So plan a trip to the mall, the outlets, grab a friend and enjoy the endorphin rush that retail therapy can bring! Oh, and life is short so buy the shoes! 🙂

4. Unplug and Recharge

Put your phone down girl! That thing can suck you down a rabbit hole before you even know it. I love my phone, social media, and the such but we all need to unplug some times. Put the phone away. Turn off the sound and mute all notifications even if only for half an hour. The emails can wait. Social media won’t go anywhere, I promise. Re-charge yourself, not your phone.

It does not matter so much what you do during your unplugged time just that you are taking a much-needed break from your screens. Maybe you grab a good book and read a few pages or you take yourself outside for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. The point is, go do something without your screens.

5. Do Nothing

Oh, the joy of blissful nothingness. There is nothing wrong with doing nothing as a form of self-care. Nothing is self-care. In today’s society, we are go, go, go all the freaking time. There is no slow down anymore. Take time to indulge in doing absolutely nothing. No phone, chores, to-do lists, etc. Enjoy laying in the sun for a few or sitting in a quiet room with just your thoughts. Doing nothing can be a challenge but it is one that calms the mind and is ultimately a great way to take care of yourself.

Take Care

A Social Gal’s Top 5: Self-Care Ideas gives you just a few ways to indulge in self-care, but there are so many options out there. So if you want even more ideas for self-care, check out this post which has ideas of all types and for all budgets. In conclusion, times are a little crazy right now and I see you out there taking care of everyone. Do not forget to take the time to care for yourself. You are worth it and deserve it.

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A Social Gal's Top 5: Self-Care Ideas

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