New Month Mindset: June

New Month Mindset: June

A Healthy Mindset

There is a lot going on in the world right now. A lot. I write this New Month Mindset: June with a heavy heart while feeling the need to focus on finding and/or maintaining a healthy mindset.

Unlike previous new month mindsets that focused in on one specific topic, June’s is going to be a little broader. I want to talk about mindset as a whole. A healthy mindset, that is.

Let’s start by looking at some key traits of a healthy mindset.


We are starting off the New Month Mindset: June with compassion. Having, showing, exhibiting, and embracing compassion is not only healthy for yourself but for everyone else around you. Compassion is free. It is not always easy to have especially towards ourselves. Yet it is vital to our overall well-being as well as the well-being of everyone around us.

Ways to Show Compassion
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Less judgment of others
  • Treat yourself with respect
  • Treat all others with respect
  • Take time to listen to someone’s story
  • Have sympathy and/or understanding of others realities and emotions
  • Take a step by and see something from another’s viewpoint
  • Listen more, talk less


Another healthy mindset involves having courage. Courage looks different for each and every one of us. Courage can be tough. Yet, life demands it. By avoiding realities, pushing scary things to the side and by staying silent on topics that matter, we are not embracing courage. Instead, we need to have enough gusto to embrace reality, face fears, and talk about the tough topics. We and those around us only suffer when we let fear win.

What Does Courage Look Like?
  • Failing today but showing up tomorrow
  • Facing a tough conversation with an open-mind
  • Being willing to embrace your mistakes and learn from them
  • Admitting to previous failures while knowing they got you where you are today
  • Pushing fear aside and going for your goals
  • Embracing who you are not who others want you to be
  • Letting go of the safety net and not being afraid of growth
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone

Clarity and Concentration

I am lumping these two together as part of the New Month Mindset: June because they are both very important pieces of a healthy mindset. They also go hand in hand in my opinion. In order to have a healthy mindset, you need to be able to find clarity. Meaning that you need to identify what is important to you. Once you have that clarity with clearly defined priorities and goals, you can then move on to the concentration piece. This is your steadfast commitment to moving forward to those things you identified as your priorities. Towards what is most important to you.

Where to Begin
  1. Start with identifying what is important to you
  2. Do this using some type of visual (vision board, graphic organizer, list, road map)
  3. Spend some time thinking about the why behind each of the things you identified
  4. Once you have identified your “why” and have clarity, it’s time to concentrate
  5. Set realistic goals for yourself
  6. Make them time-based and measurable
  7. Set up a space that is conducive to concentrating
  8. Create a schedule and stick to it
  9. Monitor and track your goals
  10. Stay consistent and celebrate your wins

Growth and Transformation

I could write about a growth mindset for days. That’s because it is so important and such a healthy mindset to embrace. There is a reason why it is taught to elementary-aged students in schools across the world. When we embrace a mindset focused on growth rather than focusing on failure, we are adopting an entirely new way of thinking. We are also able to transform and ultimately, grow. A positive, healthy, and growth mindset will take us places. We will transform.

Fixed Mindset Versus Growth Mindset

The following are fixed mindset statements followed by the healthier growth mindset way to think about the same topic.

  • (Fixed) I give up. (Growth) I will try something different.
  • (Fixed) I failed at this. (Growth) Mistakes are helping me learn.
  • (Fixed) I can’t do this. (Growth) I haven’t learned how to do this yet.
  • (Fixed) I am so good at this! (Growth) I am really on the right track!
  • (Fixed) My work is fine just how it is. (Growth) What can I do to keep improving?
  • (Fixed) He/she is so……. I will never be like that. (Growth) I am going to figure out how he/she does it so I can too.
New Month Mindset: June

Healthy Mindset Habits

So in this New Month Mindset: June, we talked about some key characteristics of a healthy mindset. But, I also want to look at some habits that go along with having a healthy mindset overall. This list includes various ideas to try in order to practice the compassion, courage, growth/transformation, clarity, and concentration we discussed above.

  • Adopt a self-reflection practice
  • Journal
  • Spend time with others that challenge your way of thinking
  • Come up with a mantra to repeat weekly or daily
  • Listen to motivating podcasts
  • Embrace challenges
  • Think positively and reduce/eliminate negative self-talk
  • Set goals
  • Frequently check-in with yourself regarding your current mindset
  • Reduce time spent online or in less positive situations
  • Tap into your awareness

Hello Healthy June!

As we make our way into this new month, I encourage you to adopt one or more of these healthy mindsets. Remember, Rome was not built in a day and neither will a healthy mindset. Yet, you will never get there if you do not start. Whether you choose to embrace more compassion, are going to tap into courage, are changing from a fixed to a growth mindset, or are focusing on clarity and concentration, I wish you all the luck. But I also know you won’t need it because you are capable of finding a way to live with a healthy mindset.

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New Month Mindset: June

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  1. kimsdiytribe says:

    Great perspective! Mindset is 90% of any battle.

  2. Thanks for the list of healthy habits! It’s great to organize and implement ways to maintain your mindset!

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