Summer Season Style Session

Summer Season Style Session

Summer is coming in hot-the pun intended. The first official day of summer is June 20th so it is time for a Summer Season Style Session!

These 8 trends are as hot as the weather! And these are just some of the styles you need this summer!

Hot Trends


Power Prints landing on the list of the Summer Season Style Session should come as no surprise because these prints are everywhere! Think leopard, bright florals, snakeskin, bold and beautiful, stripes, color block, lemons, and the list could go on and on! Powerful prints are a summer staple this year and there is no wrong way to embrace this trend!

Neon Colors

I will be honest, neon is not my color palette. I like bright colors but not necessarily neon. So am I skipping this trend completely this season? No way! I am just choosing to adopt it on a smaller scale. For instance, I can add in neon accessories like a great pair of earrings, a clutch, or even shoes like my adorable Toms wedges in bright neon yellow. The neons are in style so break out those 80’s items and repurpose them for the summer!

Sheer Layers

Layers have been trending for a while. And the layering is getting more sheer as the temps rise. Sheer layers may be a trend that many shy away from or steer clear of completely but they shouldn’t! If you are hesitant about embracing sheerness, start small. For example, buy a top with sheer sleeves or a dress with a sheer overlay. You can still be on-trend and comfortable while going a little edgy with sheerness.

White and Whimisical

Now this is a trend on the Summer Season Style Session that I whole-heartedly welcome with open arms! I adore white in the summer. From dresses to pants, shorts, tops, shoes, and accessories, white is almost always in during the hot months. This season, white and whimsical is a hit. Think light fabrics, boho vibes, flowy designs, and such. This is an easy one for the season to incorporate into your style and probably one you already own!


Another favorite of mine for the summer is the cutout trend. However, this can be another one that many choose to avoid. Cutout trends have been around for a while and are once again popular for the summer 2020. There are many ways to embrace this trend in ways most comfortable for you. Start with small cutouts in a dress or top. The cutouts don’t need to be large and skin bearing to be on-trend. Find what works for you and rock it!

Bucket Bags

Trending this season in the land of handbags are bucket bags. These perfectly shaped bags pack a punch and can carry a lot! Known for their unique shape, bucket bags are an adorable way to be on-trend for the summer and you may even have one in your closet already! Plus this is a super easy one to embrace on a budget!

Square Toe Sandal

An old trend coming back to light during this Summer Season Style Session is the square toe sandal. Sandals are a popular go-to in summer almost every year. But now reaching for those square toe shaped pairs is on-trend. Why? Who knows but I dig it!


If you thought you would make it through this list without seeing tie-dye on it, you were sadly mistaken. Tie-dye is everywhere! I am literally seeing it pop up in social media, on my favorite websites, and in every fashion post out there. This is a popular and fun one in my opinion. The groovy (pun intended) thing about tie-dye is that you can wear it in many ways. Tie-dye dresses-yep! How about tie-dye shorts-definitely! The traditional tie-dye t-shirt is even on-trend! Yeah, those old school t-shirts that you have probably had for years shoved in the back of your closet are now on point. Bring those bad boys out and find yourself on trend this summer season!

Style Tips

That was a short and sweet overview of just some of the top trends this summer season. There are of course more but these eight are my favorites and what seems to be the most popular. Of course, style is what you make of it so you can choose to ignore all eight or embrace them however you want.

Below are just a few style tips to get you started with your Summer Season Style Session!

  • Choose your 1 or 2 favorites from the list to try first
  • Start small by adding them into your wardrobe one piece at a time
  • Stick to a budget you have set for yourself-don’t go broke trying to be on trend
  • Re-purpose items in your closet that fit these trends
  • Take to thrifting or find sales from your favorite retailers on these items
  • Ask a fashionable friend for styling advice
  • Wear what is comfortable for you-don’t try to be someone you are not
  • But at the same time, try to branch out and not be afraid to try something new

The Final Trend

The final trend of the Summer Season Style Session is to follow me of course!

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Summer Season Style Session

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