A B&G Trading Box Review

B&G Trading Box

Recently I received my first B&G Trading Box and felt like it was deserving of a review. Regardless of whether you are a reseller or not, this post will provide you a little insight into the world of online sourcing. So without further ado, here is a B&G Trading Box Review!

What is it?

B&G Trading is an online apparel liquidation site. Their wares include closeouts, overstocks, shelf-pulls and more from many designer brands. Items are sold by volume and there are various categories in which to buy from depending on what you are looking for.

With B&G Trading, you can choose from an assortment of bundles including items with their hang tags as well as items that were returned. Conditions can vary but B&G states that most items are like-new conditions and often worth more than the tag may state. Some tags will even have discounted prices over-top of the actual MSRP.

The price on the bundle depends on the retail value of the items in the bundle. So the higher MSRP of each item means the higher cost of the bundle itself. Most bundles start with 10 items with the option to order 20+. Additionally, there are offerings for plus sizes, kids, and juniors. Shoes and purses can also be found from B&G Trading and if you signup for their emails and/or follow them on social media, you can be alerted to when these types of bundles drop.

Why Order?

So I couldn’t possibly write a B&G Trading Box Review without telling you why I even ordered.

First off, I ordered the Revolve and Nordstrom Premier box which included items with $60+ MSRP. I specifically ordered this box because I wanted to check out some Revolve brands that I may not have access to in the other ways I source. I also wanted items that would still have their tags and were not returns that could possibly have wear. Sourcing high-quality items is important to me and B&G seemed like the right company to deliver just that.

The main reason I ordered and am writing this B&G Trading Box Review is that, during the pandemic, sourcing became quite difficult. Most resellers took to sourcing online and I kept seeing posts and unboxing videos of successful resellers that ordered from B&G. I did not want to get too deep in trying to source from a bunch of other websites or even on Poshmark (though I did order some fun not-so mystery boxes). So B&G seemed like a perfect option for me! Plus I love designer brands and they have it all!

In short, I wanted an easy and fun way to get some great pieces to add to my closet! I will give you more of my thoughts about the box in just a bit after I reveal what’s inside!

So What’s Inside?

Now let’s look specifically at the box and what came in it. As I mentioned, I ordered the 10 piece Revolve/Nordstrom box, and here are the specific items that were inside:

  • BlankNYC distressed jeans
  • Sanctuary romper
  • 1.State linen pants
  • Sanctuary ripped jeans
  • Harlyn halter dress
  • Sanctuary sweater dress/tunic
  • BlankNYC black denim shorts
  • Max Studio London ruffle sleeve dress
  • Kensie off the shoulder shirt dress
  • French Connection white peplum blouse

Thoughts Overall

Initially, I was bummed that I knew all of the brands except Harlyn. When I picked the Revolve/Nordstrom box, I was hoping for various Revolve brands that I did not know or haven’t source before. I realized this was pretty silly in retrospect but that’s okay.

The reason that I realized it was silly to be even slightly bummed about the brands is because I looked up the list of Revolve brands. Included in my box were several from the list such as 1.State, BlankNYC, and Sanctuary. So in reality, I did get 3 Revolve designers and 6/10 of the pieces were from them. Other than knowing all the brand names, there really isn’t much to be disappointed with when it comes to the Revolve portion of the box.

Overall, I am really pleased with the items I got in my B&G Trading box. It was a great variety of item types from jeans to tops, dresses, and shorts. I am thrilled that everything had the tags and nothing had any flaws! The MSRP’s also made me really happy because I definitely think I will be able to turn a profit on each item and overall. If you want to see the number breakdowns, keep reading, and let’s dive in!

B&G Trading Box Review

Cost Comparisons

As I mentioned, this specific box was marketed as having an average MSRP of at least $60 per item. Each of the original tags of all 10 of these items are well over that $60 mark which was awesome! I crunched some numbers and the average price per item of my box was $105! Woop!

But let’s look at some more numbers.

In total including shipping, I spent $130.66. The box was listed for $129.99. I used a 20% off coupon for signing up for their email list (highly recommend this). That brought my total to $104 before shipping. Because you are ordering 10 items weighing in at least 5 pounds if not more, shipping costs are a little higher. I paid $22.19 in shipping and $4.47 in taxes adding up to my grand total.

If I take my $130.66 divided by the 10 items I purchased then my average price per item I paid was $13.06! In comparison, at Goodwill which is where I shop a lot, each dress is about $8.00 unless it is part of the tag sale for that week and then it is half off. Keep in mind that these items don’t typically have tags and are used in most cases. The B&G items all have their tags and are brand new. Plus, these were guaranteed designer items as opposed to walking into the thrift store never knowing what you may find. Thus, the comparison here is easy, $13 per item for high-quality designer items retailing at over $100 each is awesome!

Also just for perspective, I calculated what my box would have cost had someone bought all of these items outright at their MSRP without any sales or discounts. The box weighed in at being worth $1,056! Not bad for $130.66 paid.

But, there is a lot to keep in mind which we will cover below in my plan for reselling. I absolutely do not plan to sell each item for their full retail value nor do I think they would sell if I did.

Reselling Plan/Progress

Though most of the hang-tags on my new B&G Trading box items have a MSRP of right at or over $100, that does not mean that those are the best price points for each item.

Pricing each item takes some research including looking up comps, accounting for most buyers wanting a good deal, and the such. In order to sell each item at both a good deal for the buyer and at a price point in which I am poised to make a decent profit, I have to do my research and price accordingly. Additionally, I like to price my items around 20% higher than I really want to sell it for so I can account for sending offers and making deals. This is my Poshmark strategy regardless of the MSRP.

With all that said, I am planning to price each item so I can make at least $30 profit off it. If I make at least $30 off each item then I would pull in around $300 making $170 profit on the entire box. Obviously, I would like to make as much as possible and ideally more than $30 off each item. However, that will depend upon the comps and what I think I can fairly sell each item for. That is where the fun of reselling comes in! Let the challenge begin!

To view these gorgeous new items, take a look at my Poshmark closet! You can also check out my most recent Poshmark post right here. And if you also sell on Posh, drop your closet name below so we can connect.

Finally if you have purchased a B&G Trading box before, I would love to know your thoughts! Drop them in a comment below!

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B&G Trading Box A Review

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