New Month Mindset: May


Honestly when I wrote last month’s mindset, I was really optimistic that we would be somewhat back to normal by now. But here we are and life is still not quite normal. So the New Month Mindset: May is going to focus around finding motivation. Regardless of your status right now, we can all use a little motivation to be the best we can be during this historic time.

And let me clarify. I am not going to sit here and preach that you need to be motivated every moment of every day. Nor am I saying that you have to be the best version of yourself during this chaotic and trying time. But I am going to talk about easy ways to stay motivated during this everyday quarantine life many of us are living for at least the next few weeks.

Let’s begin!

Quarantine Motivation

Motivation during this time is different than it was before. How we stayed motivated back in January, February, and March is now drastically different. So is what we are doing in our daily lives. Maybe you are working from home. Or you are full-time homeschooling and taking care of your family. Heck, many of you are probably doing both! Bless you! The point is, none of our lives look the same as they previously did therefore we need to look for different ways to find that extra motivation.

If you are anything like me, you are probably struggling with motivation in one way or another during this time. Maybe you are motivated to eat healthily but not work out. Or you are motivated to work on your side hustle but putting other important work to the side. Maybe you are spending a lot of time working from home and just not motivated in other aspects of your life that you once were. If you are nodding your head in agreement to any of these then it is time to get motivated-we are in this mindset shift together! It’s New Month Mindset: May and here we go!

Below I’ve broken motivation tips into categories. That way, you can read the ones that apply to where you need the most motivation! You got this!

New Month Mindset: May


  • Make lists
  • Set a goal for each day and keep it obtainable
  • Cross things off your list as you accomplish them
  • Prioritize what needs to be done first
  • Celebrate the small wins and task completions
  • Try to stay on a “normal” schedule during weekdays
  • Set chunks of time to work on various tasks
  • Schedule, schedule, schedule
  • Let go of your old normal
  • Do not worry about canceled appointments, events, projects as it all will come back together


  • Set a weekly goal (# workouts, minutes spent, etc.)
  • Have a workout partner when possible
  • Join free accountability groups
  • Find home workout videos
  • Set a specific time to workout each day
  • Take the workout outside if possible
  • Go for a long walk
  • Track your progress and celebrate your wins
  • Make your goals public


  • Drink your water
  • Try to plan meals out for the week or every few days
  • Order groceries online or for delivery
  • Find a new recipe to try
  • Follow a health blog or social media account for fresh ideas
  • Keep as consistent as you can
  • Limit the amounts of snack food you purchase
  • Give in to temptation on occasion and with moderation to curb cravings


  • Make a chore list
  • Check one thing off the list each day
  • Tackle one room or project at a time
  • Utilize the modern conveniences-dishwasher, Roomba, etc.
  • Make the bed every day
  • Update small spaces when you can


  • Get dressed a few times a week
  • Do your hair and/or makeup if it helps you feel a little more normal
  • Pay attention to your quarantine habits
  • Decide which habits need to be changed
  • Form new habits by doing them repeatedly for at least a week or so
  • Indulge in a once a week self-care routine

Hobbies and DIY

  • Indulge in hobbies you haven’t had time for
  • Dive into a new hobby that you’ve never explored
  • Spend time on a personal passion
  • Put time into your side hustles
  • Tackle a small (or large) DIY project
  • Update a space you dislike even by reorganizing it


  • FaceTime with friends and/or family
  • Host or attend a happy hour zoom chat
  • Reconnect with friends over social media
  • Connect with social groups via virtual means
  • Move celebrations to virtual parties

No “Normal”

There is no normal during this time. Normal blew out the window 40+ days ago. There is no playbook for this. No right way to feel, act, be or do. I’ve been seeing a lot on social media about this topic. Some of it says, feel this way or act this way when others share my opinion, that there is no right way to feel right now.

So whether you are feeling motivated and have been tackling project after project over this past month or you’ve been taking it harder, you are 100% allowed to feel that way! A little motivation can go a long way regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of dealing with the craziness.

I hope you are well. I hope you stay well or find some ways to get well. For this new month mindset May, try to find some motivation in one area or another and hold on tight. We are getting through this together.

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New Month Mindset: May

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  1. Patricia Turk says:

    Thanks for these ideas. I have learned the importance of creating a new daily schedule just to keep my days moving. In the beginning we were just lost and wasting the days away, it got depressing but after I decided to make a new schedule and stay productive it got easier and more enjoyable to be home.I’m currently working on eating healthier….hehe

  2. Great tips! I have started getting dressed and putting makeup on again!

  3. Great blog post and thanks for the ideas!

  4. Boss Babe Chronicles says:

    I love these ideas! And you’re so right about there not being a normal now. Some days are worse than others and that’s okay, nothing is certain now so it’s okay to have a few off days.

  5. This is a great post! So much to think about and incorporate. What a crazy time we are living in. There really is no normal!

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