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I’ve been studying the process behind a well-written blog post. Trust me, there is a science to it. Of course, a lot of personal preference goes into it. However when it comes to readers, there is a way to build a better blog post that they are going to be immediately drawn to.

The most exciting part about this post is that I have created something just for you! Yeah-you! The newbie blogger, the blogger looking to build a better blog post, the expert blogger looking for a freebie. I put together an easy to use checklist to go along with this post. So long after this post has been read and dropped down on my page, you have the checklist to keep and reference over and over again. You are welcome! 🙂

Let’s get to it!

Catchy Titles

Titles are super important! Think about it-titles are typically the first thing you see when you look at a post. It is what shows the biggest and boldest on your home page. It is also what shows when you share your post in various circumstances. A title can make or break your post.

In order to build a better blog post, you need to have a title that is going to hook in your readers. Your content is going to make them stay but your title is your initial hook to get them there.

So what makes a catchy title? Peep a few title starter examples in the list below:

  • How-To
  • A Guide For
  • You Need To
  • Why You Should
  • # Reasons To
  • # Ways To

Of course this is not an exhaustive list of catchy title starters but it gives you an idea of where to start. The more you work to title your posts correctly, the better your posts will be. And ultimately, the more traffic your posts will get!


Subheadings are really important for every blog post! Not only do they organize your content but they also act as natural break on your page visually. Visually, your post needs to be appealing or it will not retain visitors at least not for the time in which you’d like for it to.

I love subheadings and use them often! To build a better blog post, you really should have various size subheadings throughout your post. Such as I do here with my H2 heading “Subheadings” and the smaller H4 heading “Clear & Concise Wording” below. This clearly shows you, my reader that the content is connected.

Clear & Concise Wording

This may seem like an obvious one. And it is but it is still extremely important to ensure before hitting that publish button. I personally like using the readability feature on WordPress because it will tell me where I can improve. This helps me navigate where I can make small changes to improve the overall readability of my post.

If your writing and overall message isn’t clear, then your blog post definitely isn’t where it needs to be. Another tool that can greatly help with making sure your writing is clear and concise is Grammarly. This has been a game-changer for me. Not only does it spell check but it will also tell you if your writing is clear along with several other things. Start with checking your clarity yourself but then I highly recommend you utilize these tools to even further your conciseness.

Quality Images

We are all visual and that’s why it is so important to include high quality and relevant images if you are aiming to build a better blog post. For starters, make sure your images are relevant to what your post topic is. Irrelevant images are not going to boost your post whatsoever.

Neither will images that are not in good quality. That doesn’t mean you need to be a professional photographer in order to get high-quality images for your blog. There are many other ways to get these types of images for use in your posts. I use and love Canva which has some free photos in addition to subscription plans. And there are lots of other places to get free stock photos so definitely take the time and invest in finding those. Your blog posts will thank you.

Featured Image

In addition to high quality images, make sure you set a featured image. Your featured image is the next best thing second to your title. It’s what appears next to your title on your home page in most cases. When you share your post to groups, etc. your image will be front and center. So, it is very important to make sure your featured image is high quality and relevant just like we talked about above.

Categories, Tags & Alt Images Text

This one is simple and quick yet necessary. Be sure you add your category and relevant tags before you publish. This is especially important if you categorize all your posts as it will help your readers find specific posts of similar content.

Additionally, add your alt image text for each of your images. I tend to add the title of my post itself in the box for each image on that post. To be honest, I have not yet spent much time researching this but I do know it is highly recommended to add text here.


Links are super important when looking to build a better blog post. Let’s start with links to other posts of yours. Internal linking to your posts is a great idea to build within each of your pieces. Why? Because as readers are enjoying your current content, they can easily click through to something similar.

For example in this specific post, I would link something like this which is related to blogging advice. That way, you as a reader could click around and spend even more time enjoying and learning from my content.

Other links that are vital to your include in your post are all things social. Do yourself a favor and include your social media links in every single one of your blog posts. This is a fantastic way to get your readers as followers on all your social accounts as well. Additionally, if you have an email list like I do for the Social Gal community, be sure you link it like I am here!

Finally one other link that in my opinion is needed is to Pinterest. But don’t just add a link to Pinterest, set up your post so that your readers can easily pin a designated image straight to their Pinterest account. It’s a win-win. They save your content for easy reference and you get additional traffic from the save. If you want to learn how to specifically do that, I have an entire post on just that.

Build a Better Blog Post


SEO is one of the last things I do in my blogging post process. However, I keep SEO in mind the entire time I write a post and you should too. SEO is one of the most important tools (if not the most important). Currently, I utilize the free version of the Yoast SEO plugin here on WordPress. This plugin allows me to add my keywords, check on my links as well as write the snippet for my google preview. You should NEVER hit publish if you haven’t yet taken the time to work through your SEO, it is that important!

The reason why I do it in the last phase of my blog post writing is that once I have added all my content as well as edited it at least once but usually twice, I know that what is in my post is most likely to be the content that is ready for SEO. Doing it before, you run the risk that the SEO might change and then you would have to go back and fix that. Meaning that it is just more work on your end to do it prior to being mostly finished.

Call to Action

The call to action is hands-down one of the most important parts of building a better blog post! Do not, I repeat, do not skip over this part!

Basically a call of action is you asking your readers to do something. This is typically best utilized towards the very end of your post in the wrap up or conclusion. There are a variety of call to actions that you can ask for but you absolutely need to do it.

One example of a call to action (CTA) that I typically use is wrapping up by asking my readers to follow along on social. I also will ask for them to subscribe to my email community or even to follow my blog. You can also direct them to other posts that you want them to click through.

Utilizing a CTA is an excellent way to keep readers on your page longer as well as get them engaged in your content. Maybe you simply want them to comment below. Then ask them! This is when it is important to put on that sales hat for just a moment and ask for what you want from your readers in return for the great wealth of free information you just provided them.

Keep reading just a little bit further for my example of a call to action to wrap up this post.

Build a Better Blog Post

You Are Finished

That’s all folks! You are well on your way to be able to build a better blog post! Maybe your posts are already stellar. Maybe you are brand new to this blogging thing. Or maybe this is just a nice little refresher for all of us on our blogging journeys. Either way, I hope that you have found one or a few helpful tips to help you on your way.

And a I mentioned, it is time for my call to action (several actually).

First, if you liked this post feel free to comment below what your biggest takeaway is. And, pin the image below directly to your Pinterest account.

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