Planoly Perks

Planoly Perks

I have been benefitting from Planoly Perks now for several months and I am here to tell you that there services are top-notch. If you are a content creator of any sort, you could highly benefit from their services which I can’t recommend enough! Let’s go into more detail about the why and the how Planoly is working for me!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links meaning that I will get a small commission if make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

What Is It?

Let’s start with what Planoly is and what all it does. Planoly is an app that allows you to plan out your Instagram and/or Pinterest content as well as schedule it out for auto-posting. Additional Planoly perks include that it provides insights, hashtags groups, a calendar feature and advanced commenting capabilities. As you can probably tell, Planoly offers a variety of options depending on the user and their needs. What I am going to share that works for me doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you but it certainly may depending on where you are at and what your goals are.

Below, I am going to break down my personal favorite features and dive in to a little more about each. I will also explain why I like these features so much and how I choose to use them. Keep in mind, I am only touching on some of the features of Planoly. There are many others that you may find more beneficial for your business which you can briefly read about in the additional features section.

Planoly Perks


The scheduling feature is my favorite Planoly Perk. On here, you can upload numerous photos that you want to eventually post even if you aren’t sure when you plan to post them. Planoly has a neat and organized dashboard that breaks your content into three parts: all, scheduled and unscheduled. This dashboard allows you to easily see what content you have planned out and what content you have yet to plan.

When you first upload a photo you have the option to add your caption right away. Or you can simply save the content without a caption which you can later add. You also have the option to schedule the post for a certain date and time. Then you can either enable or disable the auto-post feature. I don’t currently use the auto-posting feature mostly because I like to double and triple check everything as well as make tweaks before my content is uploaded.

So what I do is schedule it out for a certain date and time. Then Planoly reminds me that I have a post scheduled to go up and I go in and post it. The remind feature is awesome because it easily tells you that you have content to post so you can go in and get it posted. A bonus feature of Planoly is that it gives you those beautiful line breaks between content plus the option to use emojis just like you were on IG.


Planoly Perks

Another of the favorite Planoly Perks is the ability to build hashtag groups. I like to add my hashtags in the comments of my content rather than at the end of my content. Either way, this feature is helpful. You can build various (unsure of the maximum number) hashtag groups based on what your content is. Then you can easily add the hashtags directly to your post if you like to do it that way. Or if you are like me and like to add it in the comments then you can copy all the hashtags in the group with one click and add it to the comments. Adding hashtag groups on Planoly is a breeze and makes content planning that much more efficient. It really is a major perk of using this service and one that I have quickly grown to love.


Planoly offers insights which I find to be valuable in addition to the ones I already use on Instagram. Planoly offers a weekly, monthly and yearly overview of post likes, comments and followers. It allows for a comparison to previous weeks, months and years so you can see how your content is performing over time. It also calculates your total following, likes and comments which are fun numbers to see where you stand! Overall, the insights that Planoly offers are not super extensive. But they are a nice addition to what you can do on Instagram if you have a creator or business account (which you should if you are a content creator).

Other Features

Here are a few additional features, Planoly Perks, that are offerred. Some of these I only use every once in awhile while others I have not yet dove in to.

  • Stories for adding content specifically for Instagram stories
  • Placeholders for adding blank content to where you are missing a piece of content during the planning stages
  • Dropbox, google drive and apple files uploads
  • Free stock photos
  • Calendar-changeable calendar to display planned content as well as national and global holidays and Planoly events
  • Comments-the ability to see and respond to comments through the Planoly app
  • History mode to see a linear list of posts
  • Pinterest scheduling for scheduling your pins

Why Planoly?

Here is the most important part-Planoly Perks. Why do I recommend Planoly over the many other platforms out there that provide the same or similar services?

I will start that I did try other platforms for a brief amount of time. Not going to name them but I will share that none wowed me like Planoly did. I find Planoly to be the most user friendly while offering the best services that I need for my business. Currently I am on their Solo plan. This gives me the option to have both an Instagram and Pinterest account on the platform. I get unlimited uploads for one of these accounts and 30 uploads for the others. And as I mentioned, I am only using Instagram so its unlimited. I choose to pay the $8.99 monthly for these services. However, there is an option to do yearly for less than $90 which would save you in the long run.

Recently, I applied and was accepted as an ambassador which I am pumped about! They in no way asked me to write up a post about my experience. I am doing that purely out of my excitement to share with you how wonderful their services are and how it has changed content creation for me. Planoly makes my life so much easier and I swear by it! I am currently only posting content to Instagram once a day, maybe twice here and there. If you are doing the same or more, I would recommend checking out Planoly and seeing how it works for your own productivity.

If you are interested in checking out Planoly, feel free to use my referral link and let me know what you think! I have a future Planoly post in mind that will be more of a how-to and give my tips and tricks on using it effectively so stay tuned for that as well.

Final Thoughts

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