10 Things I Am Grateful For


Times are tough right now and everyone is struggling. I find myself going through a range of emotions which I am sure many of you are also feeling. This ranges from feeling like I am no longer in control of much to the joy of downtime and everything in between. However during this time, there is one thing that is a constant; gratitude. I am grateful for so many things and felt like this was the perfect time to put it in writing. These are my top 10 things I am grateful for during this hard time.

I wanted to share it out with all of you. I also challenge you to make your own list and spend some time reflecting on the things you are grateful for during these uncertain and trying times.

In no certain order, here is what I am most grateful for and why.

I am grateful for. . .


Starting with my partner, my fiance, Andrew. We are lucky that he is also able to work from home so we can stay safely isolated together. I am very grateful that I do not need to worry about him going off to work during these crazy times. We are both able to be at home going through this together.

My family has also been an exceptional support during this time. My parents live in another state and being 8+ hours away makes it hard sometimes. However, our daily chats and their reminders to focus on what I can control helps center me. I am always grateful for these people but counting my blessings a little extra these days.

My Career

It is uncommon for me to write about or share what my full time job is. For those that don’t know, I am a special education teacher specifically in the area of autism. I am extremely grateful for my career every day and right now especially.

I remain thankful that I am in a career with individuals that are working so hard to ensure that our students’ needs continue to be met. Of course , I am thankful that I am in a position where I can continue to receive my income especially when there are so many working in industries that cannot.

However, I am most thankful for this career that keeps me going. I was devastated by the news that our schools would close for the remainder of the year but that quickly turned in to determination to ensure that I can still provide what I can virtually to my students. I am very grateful that despite the times, we are still able to virtually support our students and make the best of where we are.


Yes, I am grateful for technology. The very thing that is allowing me to connect with you via this post. I have always loved technology but am loving it even more now as it’s the glue connecting me to so many things and people I love.

Technology has been my lifeline thus far through this crisis. My phone, my laptop, my wifi, netflix and the list goes on have been my best friends. These things have allowed me to stay sane in many ways providing me an outlet into my previous “normal” while helping me develop my “new normal.” Honestly, I don’t know how generations before us survived. We should consider ourselves so lucky to still have access to our technology. I know I sure do.

Side Hustles

I am so very glad that I started my various side hustles when I did because they have been a much needed distraction during this period of isolation thus far. I have always been someone that likes to be busy almost to my detriment at times. However, having these additional side hustles to fill my time has been much needed.

These days, I fill much of my down time and weekends since we cannot be out and about working on my Poshmark closet. This side hustle is not only an additional income means but something I really love doing. This extra time has allowed me to grow my following, connect with other Poshers, fine tune my Poshing strategy and get the rest of my sourced items listed.

Additionally, I have been spending a lot of my free time focusing on creating content for both my Instagram and my new Facebook page that goes along with this blog. Content creating has quickly become a passion and I love being able to dedicate more quality time to it. And of course, I am spending more time working here, on the blog. I even created a mailing list that you really should subscribe to by the way!

Overall, my side hustles have helped keep me sane thus far. Since I cannot be out there being social like I love, I can be here, virtually social which is the next best thing!

The Helpers

When all of this COVID19 stuff started getting worse, I started to see the use of the phase, “the helpers” which really struck me. I believe this began from a quote from the very wise, Mr. Rogers and really does speak to what we are going through. I am beyond grateful to the helpers out there. The folks on the front lines working in the hospitals to care for the sick. I am thankful for the emergency responders and individuals that do not have the luxury of working from home. Not going to get political here, but I am grateful to all those people working hard to inform the public, make hard decisions, work towards passing acts and laws to help the great people of this country.

I have been in awe of what I am seeing on social media and even the news about neighbors helping neighbors. Here in my community, I am seeing small businesses hurt by the sudden closure of their restaurants still work to support the medical staff by providing hundreds of dollars of free food. I see teachers going out of there way to support their students. Folks opening up their wallets to help those more in need than them. These people are “the helpers” and they are doing a mighty fine job. It’s those people that remind me that we are all in this together. Because of people like them, we will all endure and come out on the other side of this stronger than before. If you are a helper, I am eternally grateful for you.


You might be thinking who is Grace? Well, grace isn’t a person in this context, its a way of being right now for me. What I mean by grace is that I am thankful that I have adopted the mindset that what I am doing is enough. I am doing enough for my job. Though I can and should be doing better, I am doing enough with my exercise and nutrition routines.

Giving myself grace during these tough times is allowing for a better mindset and overall, better mental health. So if you are a Type A personality like me and start to struggle with feeling like you aren’t doing enough, give yourself some much deserved grace.


I know it may seem superficial and maybe even really silly. But by gosh I am so thankful for Starbucks right now. I am a week day and even many weekends, Starbucks drinker. It’s my happy drink and fuels my days. Now with most places shutdown, I am so grateful that the Starbucks less than a mile from my house still has the drive-thru open. This small convenience and normalcy for me really can brighten a mostly boring day. Again, I know during a pandemic that this may seem odd but when so many other things in our lives has come to a complete halt, it’s really nice to experience something that was once normal. So, thank you Starbucks for providing me just that.


Another things besides “the helpers” that I have been beyond impressed with is all of the companies offering free or reduced cost resources to the public. These resources are across the board in every industry and company. They allow many to take advantage of a great deal.

For example, many educational websites and resource companies have allowed school districts to take advantage of additional services that would typically have a high ticket price. These has been great to allow teachers to provide families with this type of additional resource access. Another example is that many companies are providing deep discounts on services. I scored an amazing 9 class bundle of digital marketing courses. I would have never paid the full price for the bundle under different circumstances. But the deep discount and amount of free time I currently have made it a great deal for me.

It seems that every time I log into social media or check my email, there are new offerings. From free facebook groups offering tips and tricks for businesses to large companies offering free or reduced resources, the world is really coming together to support each other. If you are someone interested in taking advantage of these resources, I highly recommend you start paying attention to those facebook and email ads and see what is out there (I may even get around to doing a post on that so stay tuned).

The Great Outdoors

I am very grateful for the outdoors right now and let’s be real, I am not an outdoorsy gal. However, the ability to spend time social distancing outside has been a blessing when there isn’t much else to do.

If you follow me on social media, it is no secret that I have been living on my porch. It has essentially become my office space. There I am logging a lot of hours lounging with my laptop and lap dog. This outdoor space has allowed me to feel less cooped up while also providing some peace and quiet. Additionally, we are lucky enough to live somewhere where the weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining and being outdoors is prime. This has allowed us to go out for walks, enjoy the sunshine and even get out on the boat for the first time in a few months. This reprieve is much appreciated. I am so grateful that we can still safely enjoy our outdoors areas right now.


Lastly but definitely not least, I am grateful for hope. I am grateful for hope because I still have it and hope you do too. I remain hopeful that we will come out of this stronger than we were. Hope will get us thru this together. There is still much to be hopeful for even when the road seems long and uncertain. I am a hopeful person. And I am holding on to that hope over the coming weeks and months knowing that there is an end in sight and that we will come out of this.

If you are interested in this idea of hope and springing back, you can also read my mindset for this month.

The Short List

So in conclusion, here is the shortlist of the top 10 things that I am most grateful for during these hard times. These people, places, things and so on are helping me through this crisis and at times like these, it is up to ourselves to find ways to strengthen our resolve.

  1. Family
  2. Career
  3. Technology
  4. Side Hustles
  5. Helpers
  6. Grace
  7. Starbucks
  8. Resources
  9. Outdoors
  10. Hope

I sincerely hope you start thinking about what you are most grateful for. Then spend some time enjoying those people and things. Feel free to comment below with a few items off your own list, I would love to hear them!

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