New Month Mindset: April

Springing Back

It’s been a rough few weeks for most of us. This pandemic has affected everything from the economy to our daily routines and absolutely everything in between. So it seemed only fitting to make the New Month Mindset: April about springing back! Which is exactly what we are and will be doing in the days, weeks and even months ahead!

Typically in spring, we think of it as a time when the flowers and trees start to bloom again and people emerge from their winter hibernation routines. Us springing back after this worldwide crisis is much like what happens every spring when the world becomes alive again. And just like the flowers do following the winter months, we will bloom again and enter this new chapter of life.


The idea that life as we knew it will go back to normal and when that will happen is something on all of our minds. Truly though, I don’t think things will go back to exactly how they were before and if I’m being honest, I hope they don’t. I hope that we bounce back better than ever and not only return to our new normal but to being better than we were.

Right now, the world is hurting and that sucks. But I think what we can do from here is use that as fuel to ignite our motivation for the best comeback of our lives. Like any great comeback story, the main characters, us in this case, must find the strength to endure. Then, we find the courage to rebuild and begin again.

New Month Mindset: April

Better Than Ever

So this month, like I do every month, I have a challenge for you! I want you to bounce back. I want to see you coming back stronger than you were before this all began. You were strong before but you are even stronger now. There are so many ways to make a comeback from this depending on your industry, emotional state, the state of your career, etc. but regardless, it can and must be done. Here are just a few ideas of ways to bounce back this month/this spring:

  • Re-engage in your community
  • Tackle a huge work project
  • Add a side hustle to your work flow
  • Set realistic goals and conquer them
  • Adopt a new workout routine
  • Engage in self-care rituals that get you through your week
  • Re-connect with friends or co-workers you haven’t been able to connect with
  • Make a family or individual budget
  • Set additional financial goals for the month
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Get into a routine that works for everyone in the family
  • Reflect on the things you are grateful for

Go Forth

Both my wish and challenge for you is that you get back out there (once it’s safe) and even before we can actually physically get out. For this New Month Mindset: April, embrace the times, set your goals and knock them out of the park. We are and have been in this all together and we will all overcome.

For more mindsets, check out the previous months’ here. And please follow along on social, keep me accountable and share your progress in the comments!

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