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Since I have yet to do a blog post roundup, I figured I am past due! If you aren’t sure what a blog post roundup is, it’s basically a collection of my favorite posts that I’ve written and why! Here I will share my favorites by category along with the link for easy clicking through to give them a read. Enjoy!


Being a total fashion girl, I would be remiss if I didn’t spend some time blogging about style in general. For my fashion posts though, I tend to focus on big picture. I want you, my readers, to gain something from every post I write. Rather than post about my outfit of the day (ootd) or a new sale at a cool store, I choose to focus on the staples. Such as in one of my favorite fashion posts about the top style staples to have in your closet. Additionally I enjoy showcasing the new season’s biggest trends. Adding in how I would go about rocking them is an extra bonus which I did for the fall and for the new one for this spring.


Another topic I am passion about that fits perfectly with my lifestyle theme is mindset. I am a big believer in having a good mindset. Therefore, I enjoy working on a monthly post that dives into a new one while also challenging both you and myself to adopt it. These mindset posts started in the very beginning of my blog. They are the most consistent post I do which also makes them note-worthy. We are almost 8 months in on mindsets and still going strong.

While you can read all of them here, a few topics I’ve covered worth mentioning include goals versus intentions, luck, love, resolutions, springing back, and of course, change. Each mindset is different allowing both you and me to learn something, set ourselves up to try something new and then conquer the challenge.


I love writing about blogging! Imagine that, a blogger that blogs about blogging! That’s me! 🙋🏻‍♀️ No but really, one reason I enjoy writing posts about blogging is because it keeps me accountable. For instance, in this post that I did at the 6 months mark, lists my next steps and goals for my blog. These goals are what keeps me going. And this post holds me accountable for doing the things that I said I would.

Additionally, I like writing about my woes & woes of blogging for newbies because I’ve been there. Some of, let’s be real, mostly all of the advice that I got about blogging came from other bloggers! These folks took the time to write up their experiences. Which in return has helped me and countless others on our own blogging journeys. I want to pay that forward and help new bloggers thus making these types of posts very important to me.


One of my favorites guides I’ve written thus far is on the topic of saying “yes.” I refer to this writing as a guide rather than a post because it includes four key questions to ask yourself when considering saying “yes” to something that will take a larger amount of your time, energy and passion. These four questions have been game changers for me and I hope they will help you as well. You can give it a read right here.


I group this topic together on my home page but in a way they really do co-exist. I am still finding items to add to this post about cost effective and splurging ways to indulge in self-care. It’s a fun topic to write about because I get so many ideas going that I can also use myself.

For the reflections, a current and newer favorite is on the topic of pivoting. I talk about what it means to make these small life changes and why they are so impactful. Speaking of impactful, I wrote up a self-reflection for my 32nd birthday and I’m obviously biased but it’s a must read!

Rounded Up!

So that is the blog post roundup of my few favorites of the 50+ blog posts (50, say what!!!!!) I’ve written in the last 8ish months! You can read all 50+ through the categories on my home page and if you read them all, let me know because you win a big fat virtual hug (and maybe even a prize) from me! 😍

Don’t forget to comment with your thoughts and to follow along on social both on the gram and on my new Facebook page!


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  1. I love the idea of re-sharing and reflecting on your favorite posts! I may have to try this. I was telling my husband that I am so sick of talking about Coronavirus that I am pulling out old projects that we began before all this started just so that I can stay productive-binging on the couch has NOT been good for me!—and helps me do something positive that I hadn’t seemed to find time to do. This is a great way to get a fresh post up without stressing too much about writing something entirely new. Thanks!

  2. Blog round up is such a nice idea. I may even do one. Thanks

  3. gigissudsintheshower says:

    I like round ups of blog post. I may need to try this with my own post.

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