10 Spring Fashion Must Haves

Spring has spring and the top 10 spring fashion must haves are here! And I’m 100% here for it! As I mentioned in my fall post, I’m not a big trend fan because really you should wear whatever you want but y’all, this list is 🔥 for sure!

Quick List

  1. Floral prints
  2. Vibrant hues
  3. Big bags
  4. Striped knits
  5. Polka Dots
  6. Crochet
  7. Folklore
  8. The Shorts
  9. Tiers
  10. Statement Sleeves

Tell Me More

Let’s look at each of these styles a little more to see just how we can incorporate them into our wardrobe over the next few months. Each trend can be worn various ways and you can always add your own twist to it!

Floral Prints & Vibrant Hues

10 Spring Fashion Must Haves

Floral prints are almost always a given for the spring season. This year they are back and bolder than ever tied to the popular trend of vibrant hues. Expect to see bright floral patterns on everything from dresses to tops, skirts, shoes and even handbags.

Big Bags & Striped Knits

10 Spring Fashion Must Haves

Two more very fun trends we are seeing this spring are big bags and lots of stripes. Straw bags are back and bigger than ever so don’t be afraid to go big this season. When it comes to stripes, there is no wrong way to do it. All over, just on top, bottoms only, horizontal, vertical, you name, you wear it!

Polka Dots

10 Spring Fashion Must Haves

Need I say more? The dots are back and on everything! Big dots, little dots, every color and every style! Personally, this is my favorite trend and think it can be worn in so many ways!

Crochet & Folklore

10 Spring Fashion Must Haves

Another interesting trend includes adding a bit of crochet to your wardrobe along with some funk. Folklore pieces are trending and can be added to any outfit for a fun little twist!

The Shorts

10 Spring Fashion Must Haves

Shorts are hot this season. From short shorts to the Bermudas, go get yourself a pair and wear them with pride.

Statement Tiers & Sleeves

One of my faves is back and that’s tiers and sleeves. Think ruffles, the more poof the better and basically 80’s style all over again!

Honorable Mentions

There’s a few trends this spring that didn’t make my top 10 list but still deserve to be mentioned. Some of these include bra tops, lots of fringe, bows on everything and ruffles. Additionally, suiting is back for the season and if you can pull that off, then you go girl! The suiting styles I’ve been seeing are not your traditional matching pencil skirt and jacket but far more trendy and head-turning. Whether you like my top 10 or prefer one from this list, take a risk and get trendy with something outside your comfort zone!

Style Me Pretty

Finally let’s look at my suggestions for adding the above to your wardrobe. As I mentioned, the florals will be pretty easy to incorporate in your closet. If you are a dress lover then I would begin there but don’t be afraid to pick up a floral print blouse, skirt, pair of pants or accessories. The same goes for the vibrant hues. You can mix these in very easily and however the heck you want. Be bold!

When it comes to the bags, I think that one is as easy as it gets! Pull out a big bag you haven’t used for awhile and go forth! Additionally, search your closets for polka dots and stripes. Surely you have a few items on this trend to pull out for the season. If you don’t, then I would recommend you splurge here and get yourself something new in either or both patterns.

The rest of the list (numbers 6-10) are optional in my opinion depending on how much you want to dive into the trends this season. Starting with 1-5 will get you “on trend” but if you are a fashionista then take a risk and dive into those statement sleeves, crocheted detail, folklore prints, tiers and don’t forget the shorts!

Happy Spring

Wishing everyone a happy spring style whether you decide to embrace the 10 spring fashion must haves or plan to keep doing your thing! I know you will rock it!

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  1. Personally I’m in leggings until Corona is over, at which point I’m going to dress in all the styles!

  2. Can’t wait until quarantine is over so I can wear all these cute styles! I love the striped knits trend!

  3. I love big bags but I’m also thinking about the beautiful straw ones for the summer! Thanks for sharing!

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