Stuck at Home

35 Ideas to Get You Through Self-Isolation

Across the country, we are being advised to stay home and practice social distancing. This is not just to protect ourselves but more importantly for those all around us. Even those that may not want to embrace this whole stuck at home thing are being forced into isolation due to most places being shutdown.

So what are we to do during these times of self-isolation? Actually, the list of things to keep you busy while stuck at home is quite long and here are just some ideas to get you started.

*Please note that I’ve added links to specific websites or articles with the info on how to do that specific activity*


  • Tackle a project you’ve been putting off
  • Give your closet a spring facelift
  • Take to the outdoors and tackle a landscaping project
  • Clean, clean and then do some more cleaning
  • Purchase a DIY take home kit from your local art studio

Enjoy the Arts

  • Take a virtual tour of one of these amazing museums
  • Stream the Paris Opera
  • Take in a live stream of your favorite bands
  • Tackle a DIY project (see above)

Learn Something New

  • Dive into an online course-here are some free ones being offered
  • Read a how to book on a topic of interest
  • Reignite an old passion that you haven’t had time to indulge in
  • Engage in distance learning from the Smithsonian
  • Explore Pinterest for new blogs to read
  • Dig into a new recipe and get cooking
Stuck at Home


  • Read a good book (or 5)
  • Check out your local library online as well as some of the country’s largest libraries for a list of free books for loan
  • Take a long soak in the tub
  • Spend time outside (take a walk, enjoy your porch, enjoy an open air space)
  • Binge watch those Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Sling shows you’ve been adding to your watch list for months
  • Kick your feet up and scroll through the worm hole of social media just be sure you are keeping it positive


  • Create an indoor or outdoor workout routine
  • Find mindfulness and/or yoga
  • Pull out that old and unused gym equipment and start putting it to use
  • Subscribe to free workouts from home videos/channels
  • Stream your local gym’s new online workouts
Stuck at Home


  • Stay virtually social
  • Facetime with loved ones and friends
  • Setup a messenger group with friends near and far
  • Keep in touch with your best co-workers via messaging, video calls, etc
  • Plan a virtual happy hour with girlfriends
  • Reconnect with someone that you have not talked to in awhile


  • Take a virtual tour of the national parks
  • Visit the virtual zoo (here is Virginia’s)
  • Grab a to-go item or gift card from your local small businesses to share the love during this hard time

Be Well

I hope you all are and stay well during this tough time! Don’t forget to support your local businesses and each other in any way you can! Finally, stay busy, fight the boredom and be healthy!

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  1. I love the idea of giving my closet a facelift!! These are such fun ideas!

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