Handbag Bingo

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A few weeks ago, I attended a super fun and unique fundraising event, Handbag Bingo. Hosted by the lovely ladies of the Portsmouth Service League (PSL), Handbag Bingo serves as their major yearly fundraiser. Additionally, it is an event that many in the community look forward to. The event is exactly as it sounds. You play bingo for a chance to win a handbag and guess what, it’s a complete blast!


To me, the idea of selling tickets to a bunch of handbag obsessed ladies for $50 a pop plus the option to buy extras is a stroke of genius. The event usually sells out in minutes and the venue is packed with excited ladies ready to be the first to call out that coveted word, “BINGO!”

Basically how it works is that entry to the event is a standard ticket price. Tables include seats of 10 so you can purchase individually or as a group. Your ticket price includes light bites, non-alcoholic drinks, 10 game cards and a few raffle tickets. For an extra fee, you can purchase more bingo cards, extra raffle tickets, special prize pack raffle tickets and the win of the night, a bingo card to enter the Louis Vuitton game. Take all my money!

The Games

The way the bingo games go is also as unique as this fundraiser. 10 games are played in total plus the special Louis Vuitton game if you bought into that. Each game is clearly planned out and event attendees know exactly what they are playing for. Included in your bingo cards is a list of the type of game it is for each round which corresponds with
each set of Bingo color coded cards. Just some of the games we played during the rounds included traditional, four corners, “X”, and borders. Changing the type of game up each round made some games go faster while others took much longer to get a winner. Overall, the games themselves are great fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!

Handbag Bingo

The Venue

One highlight of the event is the gorgeous venue in which it is held. The Portsmouth Women’s Club owned by the PSL is a great space used for many events but most often weddings. With its great lighting, open concept and design, it is the perfect place for a girl’s night!

The set up for the event works well in this space as the DJ and main Bingo caller is situated upstairs in a small balcony. All the event attendees are in tables of 10 in the main event space. They set up two huge screens and mark what numbers were called so no one misses any. The ladies of the PSL do a phenomenal job serving food, clearing tables and checking in with all the event attendees throughout the event.

The Bags

I can’t possibly write about the event without mentioning the most important part, the bags! As I already mentioned, the extra special game card is for a Never Full Louis Vuitton purse valued over $1,000. While the other bags are not too shabby themselves because designer bags are the trend! Winners have many of the following to choose from: Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Dooney & Bourke as well as Marc Jacobs. Bags are various sizes, textures, colors and more and as I shared, winners get to take their pick.

Handbag Bingo

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Sadly, none of the gals I attended with won big at Handbag Bingo but honestly, no one cared! We had a great time making it a girl’s night, playing the games, viewing all the bags and enjoying the event overall! This was my second year in a row attending and many others in the group’s third or more! I have every intention to keep going each year and fingers are crossed that I will be leaving with a new pretty on my arm having got to yell, “BINGO!”

Finally, for more social scenes visit this page of my blog dedicated to events, what’s next around town and much more! And as always, follow along with me on social as I share the upcoming events to be at and more reviews of all things social!

Handbag Bingo

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  1. This sounds like an amazing event – I’ve never heard of anything like this before! I think I’d attend anything if there was a chance of winning a Louis Vuitton bag haha!

    Becca x | http://www.beccaloisblogs.co.uk

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