A Virginia Snow Day

A Virginia Snow Day is unlike any other! But, let me fill you in. I am from the great state of Pennsylvania where snow is the winter norm. Not to mention, I went to college in one of the snowiest cities in America so a snow day to me was non-existent before moving south.

So here I am. Now a Virginia resident and absolutely overjoyed to get the call that today, Friday, is an official snow day! Cue the happy dance! For someone like me that only had a snow day every once in a blue moon growing up, an adult snow day is even more thrilling than any I had as a kid!

A Virginia Snow Day

Virginia Snow

Let’s talk about what snow is to Coastal Virginia. First it starts with the news channels reporting several days out that snow may be coming. Cue all the shoppers fleeing to the grocery stores to stock up on the needed supplies: bread, milk, snacks and wine (do not forget the blizzard beverages). The early bird gets the worm and late arrivals often find these shelves bare.

Once the reports are finalized and snow is a go, Coastal Virginia begins to shut down. Mind you, not a single snowflake has fallen from the sky yet but everyone is preparing for the worst. Schools dismiss early and plan closures for the following day(s). Businesses and public offices close up shop and everyone takes to the roads.

Traffic becomes a nightmare, bridges and tunnels back up more than normal and everyone forgets how to drive. I am not exaggerating on the forgetting how to drive thing. It’s a thing-ask any Coastal Virginia driver about what it’s like on the roads during a winter weather warning-and this is again before snow has even started to fall or accumulate. Oh, Virginia.

A Virginia Snow Day

A Day Off

So now that we know we have the day off, what does a Virginia snow day look like for those of us lucky enough to not have to report to work? Much of the time, very little snow has actually accumulated. This means roads are mostly clear, many businesses (especially the coffee shops) open up and people start to come out of hiding. The kids are off school and stir crazy . Especially given this time there is not much actual snow to play in.

Personally, I enjoy just having some downtime which isn’t a commonality for me. It’s also my tradition to spend some time at one of the local coffee shops and enjoy being off with all the others that also have a snow day. In the event we actually get a big snow, I love to get bundled up and walk around the quiet and slow moving town. Since this snow decided not to stick around in most places and it’s just crazy cold & windy out, there will be no walking around. So it’s relaxing, catching up on some blogging, social media, adding to my Poshmark closet kind of day. Hooray!

A Virginia Snow Day

Snowy Southerner

Overall, this post was just a fun way to explain what snow in the south, Coastal Virginia, looks like! Having lived here for 10 years now, I finally consider myself a southerner of sorts. And definitely one that loves a good ol’ snow day! If you are having a snow day as well, I hope you enjoy every last moment and flake!

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