Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

The countdown is on and we are less than a week away from the big heart day, Valentine’s Day! Since this day is such a big deal for so many, I figured I would put together a list of Valentine’s Day dates ideas. Whether you are celebrating with your significant other, having a Galentine’s Day or treating yourself, I’ve got a few Valentine’s Day date ideas for you!

Valentine’s Day date ideas

For the Couple

Here are some ideas for you and your significant other to do to celebrate being each other’s Mr. or Mrs. Right. The list is organized by pricey option first followed by the cost effective option because Valentine’s Day should be about the two of you not about breaking the bank!

  • Splurge on a fancy dining experience-don’t forget to make a reservation ASAP
  • Cook dinner together making something you both love to eat
  • Take a weekend road trip and get out of town just the two of you
  • Staycation time-enjoy your own town or city by staying put or even staying in to enjoy quality time
  • Take in a romantic movie at one of those dine in movie theaters
  • Netflix and chill by taking turns picking a movie the other would like
  • Spa day-spoil yourselves on a couple’s massage or day at the spa to relax together
  • Draw a hot bath, pamper the other person by lighting candles and giving them some alone time to soak it all in (or enjoy together)
  • Do something adventurous-indoor skydiving, escape room, axe throwing, race car driving, go-karting, zip lining
  • Escape to the great outdoors for some free adventure and time with nature or simply take a walk around your neighborhood
  • Get creative-attend a painting class, a plant making workshop or even some other type of artistic crafting session
  • Tackle a realistic and inexpensive home DIY project together
Valentine’s Day date ideas

For Galentine’s

I love a good girl’s night to celebrate the Valentine’s holiday! Here are a few ways you can celebrate with your favorite gal pals!

  • Girl’s night in-think wine, snacks, romantic comedies and all the laughter you can imagine
  • Girl’s night out on the town-dinner, drinks, dancing or all of the above
  • Enjoy a spa day-pro tip: look up places that have a bunch of amenities to enjoy so you can relax together for the entire day
  • Visit a winery for some good ol’ fashioned fun with the girls
  • Shop until you drop-treat yourselves to a little splurge and enjoy a shopping retreat
  • Plan a brunch or coffee date with the girls and catch up
  • Host a potluck style dinner and enjoy everyone’s company
Valentine’s Day date ideas

Treat Yourself

As much as I love my significant other and enjoy a girl’s night, I must say that a treat myself day is sometimes all I want! From a full day of pampering or relaxation to just an afternoon with a good book, Valentine’s Day is also about loving yourself honey so let’s start here:

  • Give yourself an afternoon off from chores, work, mommy duty-whatever and just relax
  • Draw your own bath and soak your cares away
  • Or take a solo trip to the spa and enjoy every blissful moment
  • Treat yourself to something new-clothes, shoes, a new red lipstick or even something for the home or kitchen you’ve been wanting for months
  • Grab a good book or your earbuds and a favorite podcast and park yourself at the best coffee shop in town and zone out
  • Order some takeout and enjoy every zero calorie bite-don’t forget the dessert

Okay Cupid!

That’s all I got for ya! I do hope you found one or more Valentine’s Day date ideas from this post. Whether you decide to celebrate in style or just let the day pass, know you are loved! Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! ❤️

Also, this month’s mindset is all about love with this being Valentine’s month so give that a read here and check out my lifestyle sections for more of these types of posts!

Valentine’s Day date ideas

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