Today, I wanted to share about a place that anyone with a green thumb and even those that can’t keep a fake plant alive 🙋🏻‍♀️, will love! Plantbar!

Plantbar Virginia Beach, is a plant mecca and an absolutely perfect place to visit for all levels of plant lovers. It’s a place where you are free to explore your creativity, give a plant(s) new life and have fun while doing it!


One of the greatest things about Plantbar is that they offer a wide variety of classes at excellent price points. From trio workshops where you make three separate creations to workshops focused around succulents or airplants and more, there is a class for everyone! You can learn to make a seasonal centerpiece, air plant jellyfish, or even a terrarium made with carnivorous plants. You name it and they most likely have done it!

Additionally, Plantbar hosts open workshops where you can come and choose your own type of terrarium along with your plants. These open workshops are especially great because the variety of glass containers from tall to small to hanging and everything in between is plentiful. You get to pick which one or ones in many cases you want to use as well as your plants. Everything is well organized and it is very easy to figure out how to create a plant masterpiece.

Speaking of plentiful, all the supplies provided for both pre-planned workshops and open workshops are awesome. Plantbar goers have many options for what they choose to create and the sky is truly the limit when it comes to making your own creation. I’ve personally made everything from hanging airplants that look like jellyfish to a super fun trio to even leaving with my new BFF, an adorably planted cactus!


How It Works

Signing up for a class is so easy! All you do is call or text their number with your info and your spot is reserved. You can easily reserve spots for your group. You won’t have to worry about reserving together or saving seats because they will group everyone together. Names are clearly marked on the tables and the place is very conducive to large groups.

Payment isn’t due until you arrive so in the event that something last minute comes up, you can cancel. However, most workshops do fill up so if you see one you really want to do, signup ASAP!

Back to payment, most classes are around $35 and include all supplies including the terrarium, plants and all creative supplies. Additionally, your ticket price includes 2 drinks from their selection of beer, wine, cider and soda. You can’t beat all that for less than $40 in my opinion! Even the build your own terrariums are very cost friendly. The prices are all inclusive of your container and a set number of plants plus the supplies.

The first 30 minutes of the two hour block is usually socializing, getting checked in and paid, exploring the beautiful space and getting your drinks. After that, an instructor will welcome you to Plantbar and give you general instructions for the workshops while pointing out where all needed supplies are. Not long after, it is time to get started and work at your own pace. They generously allow you all the time you need to build your terrarium and are always available to help as needed. There is always a loud(ish) buzz of busy planting bees during this time showing just how much fun everyone is having! Working on your creations, enjoying quality time with friends, some new ones you meet as well and sipping your drink makes for a great evening! I’ve been there a handful of times and each is always unique and a great time!


I have several recommendations for ways to have a really amazing time at Plantbar! In no particular order, they are:

  1. Check out their social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) to see a list of upcoming events
  2. Book quickly as they will fill up
  3. Know the difference between airplants and succulents so you can decide which class is for you
  4. Wear something you don’t mind getting a little dirt on (most classes aren’t too messy)
  5. Pay attention to the instructor’s watering suggestions
  6. Explore the space for even more great plants for purchase
  7. Get outside your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to get creative with your terrarium-it’s yours to make it what you want
  8. Bring a few dollars of cash for the valet parking

Get Planting!

Hampton Roads friends, it’s time to book a class! Richmond folks, you are in luck because Plantbar recently opened a new location which you can find here!

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  1. This looks SO fun!! One of my best friends lives in Chesapeake, so this will be a perfect girls night when I go visit!

  2. I just realized we have one in Richmond, what a cool experience!

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