Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Winefest In Review

This past weekend, Coastal Virginia Magazine hosted its annual Winefest! This event is unique to the area because unlike others, it includes wineries, breweries and distilleries. Additionally, it’s held indoors at the Virginia Beach Convention Center rather than outdoors like many other festivals.

Featuring the best Virginia wineries plus the option for beer and liquor tastings, it’s no wonder this Winefest is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. For the past several years, the CoVa Winefest is the place to be every January and here is my recap why!


As mentioned, there are more than enough options for all sorts of palettes at CoVa Winefest. Whether you like red, whites or sweets, there is certainly a winery there for you. Beer and cider drinkers, you are also in luck because there are several tasting options from all over Virginia.

Another perk of this year’s event was the addition of several favorite distilleries. From a huge favorite, Tarnished Truth to Blue Sky and Cape Charles Distilleries, the addition of these was a hit in my opinion. And judging by the crowds gathered around these vendors, I think everyone else enjoyed them as well!

We did our fair share of tastings and really enjoyed everything. If we had to pick favorites then it would have to be the sangria from Mattaponi, the overall tasting at AmReim and of course, the wine slushee from Castle Glen. We also enjoyed tasting Bold Rock’s winter cranberry cider and a few new breweries that we haven’t yet visited. Finally, another highlight was tasting Haley’s Honey Meadery for the first time and learning how much we liked the various flavors. There is no doubt that visitors got to try a little bit of everything and the impressive lineup of spirit servers did not miss a beat!

Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Winefest


One of the things we like most about the CoVa Winefest every year is the ability to visit all the vendors. I have to say that this event always brings in quality and unique vendors for patrons to visit. And what a perk for the vendors to have access to thousands of locals looking to have a good time!

This year, we most enjoyed all the artwork that was for sale. Our favorite being the photography by Bill Whitlow who we enjoyed talking to about his work. We also loved the doggie bandana booth, tasting the delicious peanuts, staging for professional photos and so much more.

There was certainly so much to see and do which is one of my favorite aspects of the event. So bring your wallet with you and plan to splurge on a few fun items from the vendors while you sit back, relax and sip some spirits!

Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Winefest

Ambassador Life

This year, I was lucky enough to participate in Winefest in a different way than I have before. Earlier this fall, I was selected among other amazing bloggers, foodies and CoVa enthusiasts to be a Coastal Virginia Magazine Ambassador. This means that I get to enjoy the events from a different perspective. I then get the opportunity to share all about my personal experiences on my various platforms. As I mentioned in this post, I am super excited about this opportunity and CoVa Winefest was the kickoff to a fun season as an ambassador!

The ambassador life at Winefest came with fabulous perks! First off, we had access to the VIP area with a special table just for us ambassadors. Additionally, we were each given a special lanyard to wear so as we enjoyed the event. This allowed us some fun special recognition for our efforts. I really enjoyed this part because as I talked to vendors, I was able to get the inside scoop from them and make more meaningful connections! I left with several new Instagram connections and feeling like I did my best to represent as an ambassador! Thanks CoVa Mag!

Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Winefest

In Conclusion

To wrap it up, the CoVa Winefest was a great day full of delicious wine (beer, cider and spirits too). There was tons to do, great music, a lively crowd, perfect indoor location and a well organized layout. We highly enjoyed our time at the event and are already looking forward to next year!

Stay tuned for more Coastal Virginia Magazine reviews! If you haven’t already, mark your calendars for the Battle of the Burgers on April 18 and follow along their social pages (and mine) to stay in the know!

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Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Winefest

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