The Transformation Challenge

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But really, this post is two-fold: First to tell you all about the Orangetheory Fitness Transformation Challenge. Secondly, I am hoping this post will help keep me even more accountable for crushing this challenge over the weeks to come. The challenge just began and it’s time to get to work-let’s go!

What Challenge?

Let’s start by talking about what the Challenge even is. I am a member of Orangetheory Fitness (OTF), a very popular and high interval workout studio that is fast paced, motivating and fun (more to come on OTF in another post). In January of each year, many of the OTF studios take part in a studio wide challenge. Members are given the option to buy in to the challenge which lasts 8 full weeks and has several requirements. Note: each studio does the challenge slightly different so if you are reading this and thinking that your studio isn’t the same, that is most likely why!

The entire goal of the challenge, besides winning some top prizes, is to transform your mind and body. By signing up for the challenge, you commit to working out at least 3 times a week for 6 out of 8 weeks in order to be eligible for prizes. Additionally, each member in the challenge is assigned to a team-Team Orange and Team Black. The teams work through the 8 weeks with some friendly competition and well as community encouragement. Members engage in friendly competition on the race to the grand cash prize while working on their own personal fitness goals.

Transformation Challenge

The Body Scan

The body scan is the way my specific studio gathers the initial data on members’ enrolled in the challenge. Let me first break down all the fun numbers this machine was able to tell me and all my competitors.

  1. My weight of course!
  2. The percent of body fat I have and range I fell in for this (BMI included)
  3. Where my body fat is housed (like I didn’t know my trouble areas-ha!)
  4. A comparison of my skeletal mass compared to the “ideal” for my demographics
  5. My skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass
  6. A metabolic rate for my body

So what is the body scanning machine? It looks similar to a scale but is much more intense and advanced. First, you step on foot plates exactly where the molds are. Then, it very quickly assesses your weight. You grab hold of two arm bars and hold them off to the side to measure your body fat % which is used to create the additional measurements I mentioned above. The results are immediately emailed to you as well as uploaded to your OTF app. You do your body scan at the beginning of the 8 week challenge, at the four week midpoint and finally at the end. The challenge winner at our studio will be the person who loses the most body mass-not necessarily weight.

Transformation Challenge


So the second part of the transformation for me is that we want to supplement our workouts with good nutrition. Let’s be real, we both absolutely love food and even though we generally know how to eat more on the healthier side, that doesn’t mean we always follow through with it. So since we have committed to the transformation challenge with OTF, we have also decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle when it comes to what we are eating.

For this, we are doing a variety of things starting with signing up for a Clean Eatz meal plan. Clean Eatz is a restaurant and meal service located all around this country with each being locally owned/franchised. The meals are all cooked in house and not frozen. They are high in protein, portioned correctly and just the right amount of calories, carbs and fat. Plus, they are delicious and very filling! We are only a few weeks in and we are already loving this service and see why so many people are huge fans! Don’t worry, an entire post will be coming soon on our Clean Eatz experience but I did want to mention how we are stepping up our nutrition game along with our fitness.

Transformation Challenge

My Fitness Journey & Goals

I’ve always struggled with weight loss and gain. Always! From elementary school age to now, losing weight has never been quick nor easy while gaining always happened in the blink of an eye. For me, my weight typically fluctuates based usually off what I am eating. I have been pretty good over the years of keeping up with a fitness routine though some years, I did better than others but what I have never been that great at is keeping my nutrition in check. By in check, I don’t mean that I didn’t try just more than I didn’t understand.

For a long time, I thought that eating lean cuisines and granola bars would keep me “skinnier” while working out 5+ days a week! Yeah, no! Then, I went through a period where it was nothing but salads and eggs. However, I would have major splurge days and end up wrecking the hard work I was putting in. Safe to say that really didn’t work.

Food Guilt….

I also used to have such major food guilt. Like, I would eat healthy all week and treat myself to a dinner out only to stress for days over eating a solid and not so unhealthy meal. I would also go through phases of avoiding dinner invites and freaking out any time a dress fit any bit more snug. This period of time was truly awful and I am so glad to not be there any more.

Flash forward to the last 3-4 years. During this time, I really developed a love for food, restaurants and eating as a whole. This led to packing on some extra pounds. The food guilt faded away and honestly, these are some of my happiest and least stressful years.

I enjoyed eating out with friends, running a monthly supper club, exploring the food scene in my area and having excellent dinner dates with my significant other. I wouldn’t trade any of these for the pounds. However, I am now at the point where I want to have that balance. I want to tone it up, loose those extra and unnecessarily pounds yet continue to enjoy my love of food. I don’t feel like I have all the answers but I do know the path to take to help my body tone and loose while still enjoying what I love. That is my why for joining this challenge and for working hard to transform not only my body but also mind mind.


Below are my goals throughout this transformation challenge and even beyond the 8 week mark:

  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Reduce my BMI
  • Tone and add that muscle mass
  • Keep up with portion sized meals
  • Reduce daily calorie intake with portions
  • Start tracking weekly stats

So that’s MY transformation challenge. Entering the OTF challenge with my own goals and a nutrition plan, I am excited to see how it goes. I have always loved a challenge and look forward to seeing how we do on this one! I plan to put together another post midway and will also be posting various challenge aspects on social media so make sure you are following along. If you are on your own transformation challenge of any kind, leave me a comment so we can cheer each other on! We got this! 💪

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Transformation Challenge

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