5 Style Staples

Let’s talk about the 5 best style staples that you should have in your closet. As a self-proclaimed fashionista, style is very important to me. However as someone on a budget, it’s also important that my style doesn’t break the bank. I’ve learned over time (and through many many shopping trips) that there are certain staples that are worth having in your closet. I am sharing my style staples as well as ways I would style them to maximize your closet!

Staple #1: A Little Black Dress

A little black dress is an absolute must and comes in at the top of the 5 style staples. The beauty of the little black dress is that it can be worn a bajillion ways. With a little imagination and a few accessories, a black dress can work for various occasions. My recommendations for this little black dress include getting one that is a moderate length so it can work for both work and play. Avoid getting one with too many embellishments or other defining features. Go for one with short sleeves so you can change up your look with layering.

Style Me

  • Wear with black tights in cooler temps
  • Add a high heeled shoe or sandal to dress it up for an evening event
  • Pair with a chunky oversized sweater in winter
  • Add some glam with a necklace, long earrings and a bracelet
  • For a sleek work look, throw on a structured blazer in any color
  • In warmer months, pair your dress with a colorful sandal and clutch
Little Black Dress

Style Staple #2: Structured Blazer

A structured blazer in a solid neutral color-think black, navy blue, gray or cream, can go a very long way. From wearing it over a dress or with a pair of pants to work from styling it up with a dress for an evening event, blazers are very in. I highly suggest splurging on a nicely tailored jacket that seems very simple or plain yet can be utilized in numerous ways.

Style Me

  • Pair it over any dress for a classic look-I personally love a black blazer over a floral number
  • Add it to a pair of trousers for a go-to work look but add a twist with a fun shirt in a pop of color underneath
  • Pair a vintage looking or structured jacket over a maxi dress with a heel
  • Play with patterns by wearing your sleek looking blazer with a textured or patterned pant or dress
Structured Jacket

Style Staple #3: Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is one of my favorite items to pair with almost anything! I can’t tell a lie and say that I have just one denim jacket that I love because I have way more than that but the idea remains the same. The main reason why I love a denim jacket is that it goes with everything! You can pair it with an outfit to dress it down or even use it over a more glam outfit to give it an edgy look. The beauty of the denim jacket is that it’s never going out of style. It has been around for many years and I suspect it will be around for many more.

Style Me

  • Pair over your little black dress from style staple #1 for a classic look
  • Wear over a white blouse with black pants for a sophisticated look
  • Dress it up by pairing it with a fitted dress and some heels
  • Get funky and wear with denim jeans-just be sure to wear different color denims paired together
  • Use for layering in colder months by pairing it with a sweater or turtleneck
Denim Jacket

Style Staple #4: Opaque Black Tights

This staple is a little more specific and that’s because it’s a really great item to have in your closet. My go-to in the winter is to continue to wear dresses by adding a pair of opaque black tights underneath them. The reason I love the black tights so much is because you can wear them under any short to midi length dress or skirt for a styled look while still being weather appropriate. Black tights make for a sleek look whether for work or a night out. In my opinion, opaque ones are the way to go for an even classier and more styled look.

Style Me

  • Pair with your favorite solid color dress with a cute pair of booties
  • Add that structured blazer on top of the dress and tights for a work look
  • Add some color during the dull winter months by pairing your tights with a floral or patterned dress
  • Dress your tights up with heels, tall boots, booties and even the occasional dressy flat

Style Staple #5: Comfy Pair of Heels

Heels are the last of the 5 style staples and are my go-to. However, my style of heels has changed over the years. I went from wearing the ever-trendy pointy toe stilettos for hours on end to incorporating more wedges, chunky boots and generally, styles that are still super cute but much more comfy. I am a firm believer that shoes can make or break an outfit. You could be wearing the most stylish outfit but if you shoes are lackluster, then your entire outfit can loose its edge. But don’t despair, you can still look cute and be comfy so my advice is spend some time finding a pair of heels that you can wear for various occasions-think work, event, girls night out, etc. that is also comfy.

Style Me

  • Pair your heels with your little black dress for a night on the town
  • Wear a sleek pair of pants, blouse and pair with heels for a work look
  • For events especially such as a wedding or fundraiser that you may be on your feet for several hours, pair your comfiest heels with your glam outfit
  • Don’t be afraid to dress up your favorite pair of jeans with a heel

Why Staples?

So why am I spending my time writing a post about these 5 style staples? Because I meet a lot of people that do not know where to start on their style journey. It’s not that they don’t want to be stylish or give fashion a try, it’s usually that they are afraid and unsure where to begin. I truly think that by starting with these 5 staples, even the most weary of people can go from being fashion afraid to fashionista over night. For more on my fashion tips, check out the lifestyle section of the blog!

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  1. Yes! Everyone needs a LBD! You hit all the things every girl needs.

  2. I love these. I have to update on my little black dress. I haven’t had one since high school. I def need to put it on my shopping list for next time.

  3. I never really think to switch up my little black dress! Love these ideas

  4. Jackie H says:

    Great staples list! Thank you for taking the guesswork out of where to begin editing my wardrobe!

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