Blogging: 6 months In

Here we are again with another blog post about blogging! Except in contrast to the last one, I am no longer considered a newbie. I feel like I have learned years worth of info in a quick 6(ish) months. So, this post is for anyone who is new on their blogging journey, thinking about entering the world of blogging or for anyone just interested in the process. And a process it most certainly is!

Learning Curves

Here are some of the biggest things I have experienced and learned over the past several months.

  • Learning to understand and paying attention to both social media stats and blog metrics is very helpful. You can see where traffic is coming from which allows me to plan accordingly.
  • On that same note, organic and meaningful traffic is more important versus “buying” a bunch of not engaged followers just to boost numbers. The key here is having an engaged audience.
  • Joining group boards on Facebook is a fantastic way to share your blog posts and connect with others via social media.
  • Finding your exact niche isn’t as big of a deal as finding what works for you. I went in to blogging thinking I wanted to only share posts about all things local to my region which I thought was my niche. But I am now finding that I love blogging about a variety of lifestyle topics too and that is okay! Being too niched focused can be less beneficial to both you and your blog.
  • Pinterest is a great way to share blog posts and Pinterest group boards are useful for getting your pins out (more on this in my next steps section).
  • Content planners whether digital or paper are very handy. I have been using Planoly and love that I can add tons of content on there then work to schedule it out. I’ve also been using a paper content scheduling workbook that helps me plan out my week’s posts both on social media and on the blog as well as track my stats.
  • Finding a good design program (I love Canva) will go a very long way with helping to build social media posts as well as Pinterest pins. I have been able to easily and successfully create tons of content without any real understanding of graphic design.
  • Blogging is demanding! I am learning how time consuming yet rewarding it can be! I see why so many people make it a full time job yet I am loving that it is currently my creative outlet and may potentially become a lucrative side hustle!
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Next Steps

I have a few short term and then some long term goals that I am currently working towards. Some of these are way outside of my wheelhouse of skills. While others are things that have just taken me a bit to setup. Below are just some of the next steps I plan and hope to take with this blog!

  1. Start a monthly newsletter to go out via email to subscribers.
    • Increase my readers list as well as build a subscription list.
  2. Learn how to utilize Pinterest to market my blog including joining and pinning in more group boards.
    • Work my way through a fellow blogger’s Pinterest course to learn her highly successful method.
  3. Look into affiliate marketing to hopefully start monetizing it some time in the near(ish) future.
  4. Find additional blog post ideas and strong social media content to post. The goal is to keep and develop more engaged followers.
  5. Enroll in another workshop aimed at developing my blogging and/or social media skills.

These 5+ goals should keep me busy over the next few months and I will be sure to do an update some time this spring. Until then, happy blogging, reading, and/or learning!

For more posts about the lovely world of blogging, be sure to check out the Blogger Life Section of my Lifestyle page! And as always, if you have any feedback, advice, tips, etc. please feel free to comment below!

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