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I don’t know about you but I think coffee shops are one of the best things since sliced bread! No seriously, I love a good coffee shop for a variety of reasons! From their quiet yet charming atmosphere to their delicious drinks, the constant buzz of social interaction and more, coffee shops are quite the treat. Here’s where I come in. I am here to give you the coffee shop 101 so I hope you are ready.

Hampton Roads and the surrounding region are definitely not slackers when it comes to high quality and high volume coffee shops. There are several in every corner of this region. Each unique in their own ways, these coffee shops have become a staple in this area and I am going to help you make the ultimate coffee shop bucket list.

Let’s start by breaking it down by city. Hampton Roads (the 757) is known for its 7 cities and coffee shops are plentiful! Here is the rundown of my favorites in each city/area.

Coffee shops 101: but first coffee quote

Virginia Beach

  1. Three Ships Coffee
  2. Bad Ass Coffee
  3. Pourfavor
  4. Roast Riders Coffee
  5. Cafe Moka at Regent University
  6. Java Surf
  7. Lynnhaven Coffee Company
  8. American Brew
  9. Bee and Biscuit

Let’s break down why these places all made my list. For starters, if you like a tasty frozen treat, set in a shop with cool beach vibes, Bad Ass is your place. Maybe you want to try a coffee flight? Then, look no further than Pourfavor as they have numerous options to sample much of the menu. Imagine being able to taste test the best of their coffee menu, that is no dream but a reality at Pourfavor.

For a little extra kick in your cup, American Brew offers their cup of joe with a splash of your favorite liquor. While Three Ships offers the Pungo latte which is heaven to your tongue. Speaking of heaven, the Bee and Biscuit, not a traditional coffee shop but an A+ brunch place, offers a Lucky Charm and Cinnamon Toast Crunch latte that is out of this world!

All of these Virginia Beach places offer coffee shop lovers something different depending on your style. Every single one of these nine are well worth the visit!


  1. Cafe Stella
  2. Fairgrounds
  3. Town Center Cold Pressed
  4. Cure
  5. Equinox Coffee
  6. Coaster Coffee

Norfolk is a coffee shop mecca! Fairgrounds happens to have my favorite frozen chai while Cafe Stella offers one of the best places to catch up with friends. Cure’s chais are out of this world and Coaster coffee offers your cup with a community give back. If you are looking for a unique drink, Town Center Cold Pressed has you covered! Their pistachio mylk latte is aces as well as everything on their menu! Not to be overlooked, new on the coffee scene, Equinox Coffee, is a must try! The Norfolk coffee scene has got it going on and if you are looking for somewhere to start, they have you covered!


  1. Gather
  2. The Coffee Shop
  3. JoJack’s

Just because Chesapeake and Portsmouth don’t have as many shops, doesn’t mean they are to be overlooked! Gather is a newer spot located in Western Branch that has great coffee and food items! It’s also a great spot for a meeting or to sit and get in some work. JoJack’s isn’t far away technically being in Churchland and is a great place to get a coffee to go or to stay and enjoy. I highly recommend their Irish cream frozen coffee. Additionally, the Coffee Shop in Portsmouth, though it has been awhile, always has its fair share of delectable drinks to try! Add them to your list now stat!


  1. Aromas, Hampton
  2. Cure, Smithfield

I tend to frequent the Southside a lot more than I do the peninsula but these two shops are worth the trip. Aromas is a neat shop with a wide selection of coffee and treats located in the heart of Hampton. Cure Smithfield is the second location of the amazing Cure Coffeehouse which started in Norfolk. Both are perfect spots to try something new or grab an old favorite. Again as I mentioned, I don’t get over the water to the other side as much as I’d like but keep reading for more peninsula spots that I have on my list.

Coffee shops 101: From beans to grounds to deliciousness

My Love/Hate Relationship with Starbucks

I couldn’t post the coffee shop 101 rundown without doing a little ode to Starbucks. I both love Starbucks for their delicious products, ridiculously addicting games and overall convenience factor. However at the same time, the amount of money I am willing to drop on a single Frappuccino disgusts even me! Almost $6.00 for a venti frappe that if I would actually put in the effort, I could make at home? Blah! Yet, I find myself pulling up that app every single morning building my mobile order. It’s a hard habit to crack and to be honest, it’s one I don’t think I am ready to give up! So for now, it’s Starbucks before work and the glorious Hampton Roads coffee shops by night and weekend!

Coffee shops 101: latte art

Next to Visit

So many coffee shops but so little time! These are just some of the places next on my list to visit and which city they are in. If you have any other spots you think I need to check out, please drop a comment below!

  1. Canvas Coffeehouse, Newport News
  2. Vessel Craft Coffee, Norfolk
  3. American Brew (new location), Virginia Beach
  4. Sawdust Road, Virginia Beach
  5. Fathom Coffee, Virginia Beach
  6. Sweet Beans Coffee Bar, Hampton
  7. Firehouse Coffee, Hampton

So that’s the coffee shop 101. If you want to read my full review of all of these great places or are looking for more info on each, check out my Yelp page!

Additionally, for more good food scenes from this area and beyond, go here or visit my instagram where the content is always flowing like lattes in the 757.

Coffee shop 101: coffee beans

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  1. Boss Babe Chronicles says:

    I love me a good coffee house! Personally I agree with you about Starbucks, and would much rather go to a local coffee house than drink their overpriced coffee.

  2. Coffee shops really are the best places to go to socialise. As someone with social anxiety, the atmosphere is much more relaxing than going to a bar for example. They are always my go to meeting place 😀 Great post, I’m sure a lot of people will find it useful knowing all of these places 🙂

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