A Decade Later

(Warning! This is a personal post!)

A decade = 10 years or 3,650 days! Whew! Time has absolutely flown this decade but it still has been nothing short of amazing!

I started the new year with my New Month Mindset post for January which included a little reflection and a whole lot of intention. Yet, I didn’t feel like it did my reflection of the past decade much justice so here I am ready to get personal!

This Decade

This decade has been good to me-very good! But honestly, I believe it’s been so good to me because I wasn’t and still am not afraid to go out there and work my you know what off for the things I want! So yes, the past 10 years have been phenomenal but they were this way because I didn’t allow them to be any less!

Here are just some of the things that have happened this decade!

2010-The Beginning

2010 was a gigantic year for me! It began with graduating college after a multi-day hospital stay with mono. At the time, they weren’t even sure I would be out of the hospital in time to walk in our huge graduation ceremony much to my family’s utter dismay. Yet, I prevailed, and walked my happy self across that stage to get my Bachelor’s degree I worked so hard for.

One short month and a half later, I was signing a teaching contract for a public school system in Virginia. My mom and I took off to explore the area that we had never stepped foot in but I would soon be calling “home.” That August, I moved into my first apartment by myself and began my first year of teaching. This is truly where it all began!


These few years came with their highs and lows. I am not going to make it look like my life is nothing but fantastic moments strung together. However, for the purposes of this post, I am choosing to focus on the positive highlights knowing how lucky I am to have as many as I do.

During this time span, I added a furbaby to my family, moved to a new apartment in a trendy part of the city, worked my tail off trying to survive my first few years as a teacher and started to solidify my place in the community. New friends were made, a lot of exploring of my new home occurred, hours were logged working at a job I loved and I met so many great people many of which will be in my life forever. These were the early years of working life yet I will always look upon them fondly as great ones that helped establish who I was to become!


This span of years are near and dear to my heart for many reasons. It was the span of years where I really began to feel a part of my community. I joined community organizations, learned leadership skills, built long-lasting friendships, and felt like I was making a positive impact both with my career and my community service.

It was additionally the span of years of accolades. And as I mentioned earlier, yes I feel lucky to have had these honors. But, I also know that they happened because of the hard work associated with them.

From being named Teacher of the Year at my school to being a Top 40 Under 40 honoree as well as receiving honors from various community organizations I served, filled me with immense joy. These honors only fueled my passion from community involvement even more and I continued to dive into this Hampton Roads community I call home.


The great year of 2019 upgraded me from being a girlfriend to a fiancé. In July of 2019, Andrew popped the question in the most perfect proposal he could have planned. This new title and the new shiny object on my right hand was the biggest highlight of this year but there were many great moments.

I learned a lot this year both through the accomplishments and challenges. There were a lot of experiences, opportunities, and special moments that happened in 2019. There was also a lot of learning, some very busy months, and time spent assessing how I spent my time. 2019 was a special year. It was a good year. It was the year of learning.

Finally, I can’t talk about 2019 without mentioning a big accomplishment and that was this-my blog! Starting my blog has been a wonderful creative outlet for me as well as an opportunity to learn something new! This blog as well as my accompanying social accounts (Instagram and Pinterest) has been a true blessing! And I am so thankful to you all for being on this adventure with me!

Top 10 Moments

In no particular order, here are my top 10 moments from the last ten years!

  1. Getting engaged to my best friend
  2. Moving to Virginia-specifically Hampton Roads
  3. Becoming a special education teacher and finding my teaching niche
  4. Adopting my four legged fur baby, Mandy
  5. Starting my blog and social accounts
  6. Finding my place in the Hampton Roads Community
  7. Traveling to various states, cities and towns to be with loved ones
  8. Being named Teacher of the Year twice
  9. Spending countless hours with friends and family
  10. Having the opportunity to learn a variety of skills both professionally and personally


So I talked more about this in my mindset post mentioned above, but I am truly looking forward to all 2020 and this next decade will bring! Within this next decade I will enter my 40’s (what the what)! I will become a married woman and beyond that, who the heck knows what will happen! One thing is for sure, I will continue to work for the things I want, be thankful for all I have and work through the things that may come my way that are a lot less desirable!

As we enter this new decade, my wish for you is pretty standard. I wish you health and happiness-whatever that may mean to you. Don’t be afraid of what this new decade may bring and don’t fear going out there and grabbing life by the horns! Make it happen, make it a great year, a great decade! Cheers!

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  1. It sounds like you had some awesome moments in the past decade!! Cheers to the new year ahead!

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