New Month Mindset: January

Welcome to a new month and a new year, 2020!

The New Month Mindset for January is perfectly tied into the start of the new year. At the beginning of the new year, many people dive headfirst into resolutions, goals and such. Whether you fall into the category of resolution maker or want no parts of any type of resolution, we can all agree that January 1 is a good time of year for some good old self reflection.

Resolutions Suck

Obviously I am team no resolutions! That doesn’t mean that I am anti goal-setting and reflection taking. It means that I am reluctant to say a bunch of things I want to change knowing realistically how difficult making even one major or minor change can be. Honestly, I am just not the type of person willing to set myself up for failure.

Instead, I commit to small changes that I don’t refer to as resolutions as I find that setting these goals or intentions are more realistic with much more chance for success. For example, rather than say I am going to lose 20 lbs this year, I will commit to a new gym routine. Or instead of saying this is the year I save a ton of money, I would set a numerical goal that I strive to reach. I then work from there to make these goals or changes happen.

In general, I find the word itself as well as the hype around resolutions to be part of the reason why we end up missing our mark. So, I am not buying in to this time old tradition of “what’s your resolution” and instead, I am headed in a different direction.

Word of the Year

Recently I saw something about picking a word to describe the kind of year you would like to have in the new year. Meaning that for 2020, you would pick a word that describes the year you would like to make it. This is the kind of “resolution” I can subscribe to. I like the idea of making every effort to have a year full of what you are wishing for whether it be love, time, happiness or simply mindfulness.

I am going to go ahead and choose my word right now and it is, drum roll please…….


Why intentional? Well for me, intentional means doing the things I want, need and have to do with a purpose. I’m a passionate person but we all get in grooves where we feel like we are on the hamster wheel of life. Where we aren’t really intentionally doing the things we are doing rather are doing them because we have to or should be doing so. I’ve been there a lot in the last few years and though they have been phenomenal in many ways, I feel like there is always room for improvement; intentional improvement.

This year, for 2020, I want to proceed with intention. To pursue my passion projects intentionally. I want to enjoy life’s daily rituals with intention. I will be wise and intentional with how I spend my money as well as my time. Intentional for me will be a change but it will be a realistic, attainable and hopefully very positive one.

So no, I won’t be setting any resolutions but for the next 364 (plus today) days, I will be out here living with intention. What about you?

Choosing a Word

Choosing a word that represents the kind of year you want to have is not easy. Sure, I picked mine in under a minute but I am pretty wordy-ha! To be honest, I already had an idea of the kind of year I wanted to have and just seeing the word “intentional” in print sealed the deal for me.

My advice for choosing your word of the year or for setting goals if you decide you want to go that route is to first dedicate a little bit of time thinking about not necessarily what is missing in your life, but what could enhance it that much more. Are you craving peace? Looking for more acceptance of oneself? Maybe this is the year you want to learn something new? Whatever it is, I am sure there is a word for it. To help get you started, here is a list of just some meaningful words to consider for your year.

  • Patience
  • Adventure
  • Rest
  • Fearless
  • Organization
  • Health
  • Simplify
  • Confidence
  • Trust
  • Focus
  • Serenity
  • Mindfulness
  • Gratitude
  • Hustle
  • Family
  • Opportunity


In conclusion, welcome to 2020! I sincerely hope that it is a year of everything you hope it will be! Don’t forget to go out there with a New Month Mindset and make that happen. Wishing you the happiest of New Year’s!

If you want to flashback to 2019 and check out more of my New Month Mindsets, please do so! Additionally, I recommend checking out my Pinterest page for more pinned posts of words to use for the new year!

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  1. I’m so with you on the no resolutions thing, they suck.

    You’ve chosen a brilliant word, I’m sure it will serve you well x x

  2. I actually love new year’s resolutions!
    But similar to you, I started with one word. And all of my NYRs stem from my theme of the year which is organization. I want to spend more time on my core values and in order to do that, I need to stay organized.

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