The Commodore Theater

The Commodore Theater, located in Old Town Portsmouth is an absolute gem! Restored from what was once a 1945 theater, it is now a movie theater featuring dining style seating plus a large balcony. Though the theater has been restored, it still features many of the original details. It also has the amazing ability to transport you back several decades making you have a truly unique movie going adventure.

The Commodore is truly a classic. Experiencing a movie while sitting in this old yet made modern theater is not something you can do at any other place in town. Different from all other theaters by offering the current movies one at a time and for only a few weeks at a time, The Commodore is a popular movie experience for many. They selectively choose some of the best and most popular movies and work to ensure you have an amazing experience while enjoying all they have to offer.

On the Menu

The Commodore Theater offers a variety of food options to keep you full throughout the movie. From pizzas to sandwiches, nachos, salads, a variety of appetizers and desserts, the offerings are plentiful. Additionally, the food selections are delicious and many share that they go to The Commodore for the dining experience just as much as for the movie.

Another fun aspect of ordering your meal from your comfortable dining seat is that you do so by picking up your old school cord phone to reach the kitchen. With the press of “0” you are immediately connected to the kitchen and can place your order. Don’t be dismayed if you are put on hold. The kitchen works quickly and will get your order in and back out to you as fast as they can. This ordering system is always a favorite even for adults!

Tips & FAQs for your Experience

  • The place is popular so plan ahead to get tickets early
  • No online tickets or call ahead reservations
  • Tickets are sold at the box office at noon and 5-you can get evening tickets at noon as well
  • Arrive by 1pm for matinees and 6pm for evening showings
  • The earlier you arrive, the quicker you get served your food
  • Food and drink must be ordered by 2pm and 7pm and orders will not be taken after that
  • Desserts can be ordered ahead of time and scheduled to come out following your meal
  • Water and tea are the only items that can be ordered after the kitchen closes
  • If you pay with cash, you save $1 per ticket
  • You get to choose your table and there’s not a bad seat in the house
  • There is also a balcony but it’s concessions only not dining seating
  • Tipping waitstaff is not allowed

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