It’s All Fun & Games at Circuit Social

We literally just got home from Circuit Social! We had so much fun that I felt like I needed to knock out this review post right away! Because as the title suggests, it’s all fun and games!

Circuit Social truly is all fun and games with all the pun (&fun) intended! This place will bring out your inner child and is suitable for all ages! If you like old school games like pin ball and PAC Man, prefer skee ball or hairpin bowling, or simply love arcade games, Circuit Social is sure to be right up your alley!

How It Works

When you first walk in to Circuit Social, there’s a front desk where you need to go to get your game card. There you will show your IDs for drinking alcohol (it’s 21+ after 9 pm) and load up your game playing card which they will give you to use while there. They recommended around $10 of game play for two of us mentioning it should last 1-2 hours depending on all we decided to do. We actually put $15 on our card which was the perfect amount for our 1.5 hours of fun!

Once they have given you directions and your gaming card, you are off to go enjoy the experience! It’s all very simple and the gaming cards are very easy to use at each and every game.

The Beer+ Wall

Let me start by saying the beer wall is one of my favorite things about this place! Not only does it have 30+ beers on tap but non-beer drinkers, rejoice-they have cider and a few wines as well! The choices range from local options to the basics and even a few we’ve never heard of! Tons of great options and the best part is you can taste them all!

The beer+ wall goes like this: you insert your game card and pull down the tap pouring yourself the amount you want. Price per ounce and alcohol percent are all viewable on the screen above each tap. The total cost of your tab goes up while you pour so you can see how much you are paying.

Prices vary from less than 50 cents per ounce to over a dollar depending on what it is. Again, the best part is that you could make your visit one giant tasting by working your way through each one on tap then pouring yourself more of what you liked most. We spent the first 30 minutes of our visit basically doing this with me working my way through the ciders and my fiancé doing so with the beers! Once we knew what we wanted, we poured ourselves a glass and got to gaming!

The Games

As I mentioned earlier, Circuit Social has all sorts of fun and games no matter your preference! From interactive games, multi-player challenges, old school arcade machines and more, they boast 80+
games. Below are just some of the ones we either played or checked out while there.

  • Pin Ball with various themes
  • Air hockey (half court)
  • Racing varieties
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • 4 player PAC Man
  • Halo
  • Multiple hunting/range type games
  • Skee ball
  • NBA hoops
  • Football throws
  • Beer pong arcade
  • Arcade-like Frogger and Centipede
  • Guitar Hero

The cost of the games is very inexpensive per play. For example, skee ball was $0.25 per play for 5-6 balls while shooting basketball hoops was $0.50 for the one minute countdown. The racing game was a little more expensive at $1.00 per play per person and you could battle each other. This game did last longer making the higher price more reasonable. The most expensive game we saw was $1.00 so it’s definitely easy to come and have some cheap fun at Circuit Social!

Additionally, if you want to play hairpin bowling, it’s $6 per game with multiple players being able to play in each game. This section of the building is towards the back and they have around 10 lanes to be rented. This area is great for groups as there are couches, high top tables, tvs and easy food ordering access. The game is very similar to traditional bowling but on a smaller scale with bowling balls half the size and miniature pins! It’s a blast and I highly recommend you play while there! This section of the venue is definitely one of the most family friendly and fun for all ages in the group. It’s an easy and interactive game worth the additional price!


It’s all fun and games at Circuit Social for sure! Overall, I highly recommend you check them out! Their convenient location in downtown Norfolk is the perfect spot for some fun! Whether you go for an evening out with friends, make it a day date or take the kids on a rainy day, you are sure to have a blast!

My advice also obviously includes checking out the beer+ wall and doing a tasting of their options. Also, you really need to spend the $6 to play hairpin bowling with your group as it’s so fun. There is no wrong way to game as it’s all about having a good time! I have no doubt that you will have just that when you go! It’s all fun and games at Circuit Social so happy gaming!

Hey Richmond friends, did you know you have a Circuit Social (called The Circuit) too? You can find them here!

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