New Month Mindset: December

The Holiday Spirit

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, the holiday season is in full swing! It really is, ‘tis the season everywhere you look! Whether you are a holiday-aholic or find yourself getting stressed out over the season’s happenings, there is still so much good to reflect upon!

Personally, I love the holiday season! I love how everything transforms into this magical winter wonderland! You can truly feel the holiday spirit everywhere you go! It’s not called “the most wonderful time of year” for nothing!

For this month’s new month mindset, I wanted to focus on what is all around us right now and that is the holiday season! Embrace it we must so why not make the most out of this season and enjoy every last drop!

Slow Down & Enjoy

The holidays can be stressful! From spending time trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones to a jam packed calendar of holiday parties and get togethers, it’s important to take some time this month and let it sink in.

I am definitely guilty of going full speed during busy months like these! It leads to the month often being over before I felt like I took the time to enjoy all the special moments. There is so much to look forward to this season. But, if it all ends up in one big blur, then where is the fun and enjoyment in that?

My challenge to both you and myself this December is to slow down and let the little thrills of the season move you. Whether it’s sitting down for a holiday meal with the ones you love, getting your shop on with your best friend or even as simple as enjoying a hot chocolate while reading a good book, this month is about embracing the spirit of the season. I love a good list so here’s a few more ways to slow down this holiday season while pausing to reflect what it’s truly about.

Ideas for Enjoying This Holiday Season to the Max

  • Embrace a new tradition whether it be by yourself, with friends or family
  • Gift yourself some self-love time
  • Go out and do a random act of kindness for someone who could not repay you
  • Step back and take in a holiday gathering from another viewpoint
  • Buy or make someone their dream gift
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Turn up the Christmas music and chill
  • Take a slow stroll through some holiday lights
  • Grab a few of your favorite holiday cookies and enjoy every calorie
  • Pour yourself a hot cup of cocoa, tea, coffee-whatever your preference and be in the moment
  • Spend an hour or two handwriting holiday cards to loved ones
  • Turn on a cheesy holiday flick
  • Do a little holiday decorating and spruce up an area that you spend time relaxing in
  • Light your favorite holiday scent
  • Curl up in your holiday pjs and savor the down time
  • Last but not least, pay the jolly ol’ guy (Santa himself) a visit *bonus points if you snap a picture

All month long, I will be sharing some of my favorite holiday to-dos on social media (find me here). Also, if you live in Hampton Roads, check out my holiday happenings guide to help you plan your season!

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