Let me start by saying that I had no idea Blogtober was a thing! And such a big one at that! By the time I heard about it through the various blogger social media groups I belong to, it was too late to truly start planning to participate. However, I am excited because it did get me thinking about what I could still squeeze in this month as well as thinking ahead to next year!


Yeah, I made that word up but who knows, maybe it will go viral! Ha!

Postober is my version of participating in Blogtober this year, my first year running a blog! As much as I would have liked to be at the point where I had created enough content to blog for 31 straight days, I knew I wasn’t quite there yet. I was fearful that if I committed without the proper prep, that I would ultimately be setting myself up for not only failure but for a huge amount of stress. Thus far, I post about once or maybe twice a week which is less than I would like but I am still working on building my blogging toolbox as well as my content. So, just the thought of blogging for 31 consecutive days without planning ahead gave me the major jeepers creepers!

On the bright side of things, I was and am ready to commit to a daily post on Instagram! (Follow me here). I definitely have enough content for posting on Instagram. So far, I have posted every day at least once a day for the month of October! Go me! Creating social media content is considerably less time consuming for me. It is something I can do in between my various other commitments so I am excited that this is a solid option for me to participate in the fun!

I did have to give myself a reality check saying that it’s completely okay that I didn’t participate in Blogtober this year. There is always next year! Initially, I was feeling pretty bummed that I missed out until I realized that it actually gives me more opportunity to set a plan for the next Blogtober. It also provided me the ability to sit back and enjoy reading the posts of all my other blogger friends! I get to enjoy seeing others participate while I learn from them during this month long blogging extravaganza!

2020 Blogtober Plan

It’s never too early to start planning ahead! Once I realized that Blogtober was a thing, I started reading others’ posts, looking at Blogtober calendar examples, and basically doing research on what it is and what I can do next year. Without further ado, here is my plan:

  • Start planning for Blogtober over the summer when I have much more time to create content
  • Brainstorm and research a list of topics that interest me
  • Work to make the graphics to coincide with the posts topics I choose
  • Start getting 15+ of the 31 posts written before October even begins
  • Use fall content, an update of older content and build off of current/popular content to put together 31 days worth
  • Learn to use (prior to October), various scheduling tools for corresponding social media posts
  • Work to increase my traffic in the months prior to the start of Blogtober
  • Participate in and share my posts in the blogging groups I belong to
  • Support other bloggers on their adventures!


My final comment is to say a huge congrats to all those participating in Blogtober or your own special version of it! Whether you worked hard to get 31 days of content together or are participating in a different way like me, you should be proud of your hard work!

Finally, if you have any Blogtober advice for me, I’d love to hear it! As I’ve said, I’m still very green here and could use all the advice I can get. Feel free to drop me a comment with a link to one of your Blogtober posts or send me your advice for partaking in the fun!

If you are a blogging newbie like me, you can always check out my advice and thoughts on what I’ve learned thus far right here!

Comment Away!