New Month Mindset: October

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”~F. Scott Fitzgerald

September Reflection

Last month we began this New Month Mindset series (check out last month’s here) and set our focus on setting goals and making intentions. I will be honest and share that I did well with working towards my goal and feel like I successfully crushed it. On the other hand, my intentions weren’t as successful as I wish they had been. Why? I’m not completely sure but I think the biggest difference as to why my goal was successful and my intentions less so is that I took the time to actually track my goal. And as a reminder, my goal was to workout 3-4 times a week which I was able to do and track easily through my gym’s app.

Irregardless whether my intentions were fully successful in that I did what I said I would daily or not, I am still so glad I set them. Both of my intentions focused around starting the day with a positive thought and taking a moment to reset each day. Though I did both of these things fairly often, I didn’t do them as much as I’d like but guess what? It’s a new month, a new mindset and I can still continue to work hard on last month’s goal and intentions!

Changed Mindset

The mindset for this month is to look at change as a positive thing. Often times, many of us look at change as this scary awful thing that we have no choice in. I have certainly had these thoughts myself but I also see how change can lead to a completely awesome new set of opportunities.

This month I challenge you to look at the changes that come up as opportunities for growth. Much of the time, change happens unexpectedly and leaves us with an uneasy feeling. This doesn’t have to be the case. We can meet change head on and embrace what comes with it.

Happy October

So, now is the time to make a change that you have been putting off from month to month. Maybe it’s as simple as going for that trendy haircut that you’ve been too afraid to try or applying for that job you’ve always wanted. These types of changes won’t happen unless you make the determination to just go for it! Put fear aside and dive head first into change. Best case scenario, it has a positive impact on your life and worst case, you may need to change back! Personally, I think the positive heavily outweighs the potential negative and who knows, the benefits of that change could be life-changing.

On the other hand, maybe your mindset can be to embrace an unplanned change that arises. We all know that change certainly doesn’t wait until we are ready and almost never happens when the timing is right. The best we can do is to adjust our sails and figure out how to manage through the change as best as we can. Rather than fear the unknown that will inevitably come whether we are afraid or not, we can choose to be brave and go in with the mindset that we can and will conquer this new hurdle or change as best we can!

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