Falling For These Fall Fashion Trends

Happy Fall Y’all!

Fall is honestly my favorite fashion season and the one that I spend the most money on! How can you possibly do without all the adorable sweaters, jackets and booties! Fall fashion trends are a thing and it’s that time again!

Fall fashion is typically on point and each season, I am excited to see what the new trends are! Though to be honest, I tend to not live by the trends and focus more on my own personal style. Yet, there is something special about fall fashion and I am simply, falling for it! Check out what I’m currently seeing as on trend and let me know what you think!

Now Trending

  • Animal and simply wild print everything-skirts, jackets, sweaters, booties-you name it and it now comes in leopard/cheetah/snake/zebra etc. print
  • Long blazer jackets-think men’s sports jacket style but longer and cut for a woman, add a belt to be even more on trend this season
  • Plaid anything-but does plaid truly ever go out of trend for the fall/winter? I think not!
  • Prairie style florals-boho meets Anne of Green Gables
  • Furry jackets in pops of color (pink, green, yellow, baby blue oh my)
  • High necklines, lace, ruffles and anything romantic-oh la la
  • Retro style sweaters-stripes (small, big, thin, thick), polka dots, pointelle, marbled

Shade of the Season

Drum roll please……the shade of the season is green! Lime green, hunter green, grass green, light green, acqua green, you name it! Green is in for the reason and I’m here for it! If you check out any of the runway looks for Fall 2919, you will see many shades of green and I am just green with envy of all of these pieces!

Incorporating green into your fall wardrobe should be fairly easy! Search your closet as you may already have one or more items that fit this trend! If not, there are many easy ways to “go green” this fall! Start by finding one or two green basics and build your outfit from there! This is a super easy way to start and you will be right on trend!

Budget Friendly Finds

Love the new fall trends but not the price tag that comes with them? You are not alone!

Don’t fret! There is a way to be on trend this fall without breaking the bank!

For example, consider perusing the aisles of your local thrift or vintage wares shops to look for trendy blazers! I’ve had the best of luck finding multiple blazers that fit the fall trend, are vintage looking, in super good shape and less than $10 each! Say what?! This trend specifically can break the bank if you plan to buy new because blazers and jackets tend to have higher price points! You could easily drop upwards of $150+ on one blazer when somewhere near you, a similar blazer jacket hangs on a hanger waiting for a second chance at style!

Additionally, you can find great pieces that fit the animal print or shades of green trends at your favorite stores! Plan to buy a few staples like a great leopard print sweater that you can wear multiple ways-with jeans, over a dress, with boots and leggings, etc. Buying one of each trend item and finding ways to give them multiple uses can significantly save your budget versus feeling like you need to buy multiples of each new trendy item!

Also, don’t forget to search your own closet for pieces you already have that fit this new season’s trend! Chances are, you already have something that is on trend that you can use in more than one way this fall!

Want to know more about being a Savvy Shopper, you are in luck because I have an entire post dedicated to just that! Check it out to learn even more!

Happy fall fashion trends shopping friends!

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