Feelin’ 32: A Birthday Reflection

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22” sang Taylor Swift on her very popular fourth album! This rings true with me today, except sub 32 for 22, because it’s my birthday and this is my birthday reflection!

Honestly though, I’m not a huge birthday person but I did think it was a good time to write one of those reflections that only come to mind on a day like today! It is the kind of day where you turn another year older and start thinking about where you’ve been and where you are going from here!

Additionally, I’m not really an ageist and truly don’t mind turning another year older because sadly, it’s a thing denied to way too many! So, today I am thankful for another day and another year of lessons, experiences, life and love!

The 30’s

You know how they say your 30’s will be better than your 20’s? Well, I was never one to believe all those sayings because each year has its own set of tears and triumphs, loves and loss. Instead of thinking a new decade will make life better, each year I make it an intention to make goals and crush them by working to make each year I add better and better!

However, I do think there is something special about your 30’s at least that’s how I feel now that I’m 2+ years into them! I definitely think it’s an age period where you really figure out the people and things that matter most! I know that has been extremely true for me as I’ve spent time inventorying my life thus far while making an effort to do more of the things that feed my soul as well as spend my time with those that bring love and positivity to my life!

There is simply something freeing about your 30’s like it really is as the cliche says, “you find yourself.” Or maybe it’s just that you stop giving a darn what everyone else thinks unlike you did in your younger years! Either way, I like it!


So cheers to you at whatever age you are or may be turning in the near future and cheers to 32 for me! No matter your age, it’s never too late to set an intention to make this your best year yet! Oh and don’t forget that you can have your cake AND eat it too!

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