All Pretzels Are Created Equal

Short and stout, long and lean, perfectly shaped, awkward and odd, I love all pretzels! Below are some of my local favorites and a little detail about each and why you need to check them all out for yourself!

Whiskey Kitchen

Whiskey Kitchen’s giant pretzel is literally served over a bowl of cheese! This is no small bowl either and it’s filled with ooey gooey goodness that is surely fat free!

New River Taphouse

New River’s pretzel is as good as it looks and comes with dipping options for everyone. Whether you like cheese, honey mustard or something a little sweeter, cinnamon sugar glaze, this pretzel is for you!

Mack’s Barge

Mack’s Barge does it slightly different but just as yummy with their smaller yet tasty pretzels! Presented in pairs with a sizzling hot crock of cheese, you won’t want to miss this one!

1608 Crafthouse

1608 Crafthouse offers one of the most uniquely flavored pretzels in town with this creation served in a pizza sized box! Yes, it’s that big but every single bite is that delicious as well! Covered in a variety of spices, this life sized pretzel is well worth the calories!

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom’s take on the pretzels is out of this world! These small but powerful nuggets are made out of pizza dough and covered in Parmesan cheese! Served with even more cheese sauce to dip in, these nuggets are the real deal!

Grace O’Malley’s

Another place with their own take on pretzels is Irish pub, Grace O’Malley’s. Served in the shape of rods and in a trio, these pretzels are easy shareable but do you really think I shared?

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings makes a good pretzel! Served with a big container of cheese that comes with just enough bite, this pretzel isn’t to be ignored plus the portion size is quite generous!

Tapped Gastropub

Tapped Gastropub is also a fan of the nuggets and they know they have a good menu item here. Served by the plentiful with you guessed it, cheese on the side, these are quite a great app to start with!

Barnes and Nobles Cafe

A little less traditional but still so good, the Barnes and Nobles Cafe has a few pretzels to pick from but this pizza filled one is my favorite! Filled with a light pizza sauce and cheese, it packs a great taste into a smaller portioned (at least compared to the others) pretzel!

Brick Anchor Brewhouse

Brick Anchor’s pretzel is just so happy as are all those that get to eat this goodness! Cheese and honey mustard accompany this pretzel and every single bite is perfection!

Busch Gardens

Not to be left out, Busch Gardens, specifically in the German section of the park, lies a tasty pretzel well worth getting in between rides!

Maggie McFly’s

Maggie McFly’s pretzel is so special that it gets its own stand and prefers to hang rather than lay down! Tasty and cool, you need to order this one!

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  1. Casey says:

    All of these pretzels look fantastic!

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