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Oh gosh, I feel like this could be the start of something good! After hearing from other bloggers about newsletters they send out, I got to thinking about doing something similar of my own and boom-The Social was formed! I am quite excited to see what this little idea could potentially blossom into with some time, energy and a whole lot of support!

What is The Social?

I am glad you asked! The Social pertains to all things Hampton Roads (+ a bit beyond in every direction) and is a place to get the current scoop on what’s trending locally, where the newest and coolest spots are, upcoming happenings and more! It’s basically a locals (or visitors) insiders guide to the area. And because I don’t want to leave out my loyal out of town followers, The Social will additionally feature a lifestyle section with a new weekly topic that could benefit/interest everyone!

The best part (in my opinion) about The Social is that you don’t have to subscribe to another newsletter! If you already follow my blog (and you should), you will get notified when I post but if you don’t, you can always come and read it as you please!

Here’s a list of upcoming events from across many genres! This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the local happenings but it’s a darn good start to help plan your week/weekend!

August 21: The Wallflowers at the Norva

August 21: Hampton Boulevard Farmer’s Market

August 22: Sunsets on the River at the Hermitage Museum

August 23: Flick It Fridays-Troop Beverly Hills at Naro Cinema

August 23-24: Norfolk Waterfront Jazz Festival

August 24: Pints and Pilates at Maker’s Craft Brewery

August 25: Naro Video Farewell Celebration 

August 25: 757 Vegan Fair 

August 29: Hot Country Nights with Eli Young Band at Waterside

August 30: End of Summer Patio Party at Leone’s

August 31: Mermaid Winery End of Summer Luau

This Week’s Topic:

How to make a realistic to-do list

I love a good to-do list as I bet so many of you do as well! However, not all to-do lists are created equal! I’ve set unrealistic fool-hardy to-do lists in the past and I am here to help you not make that same mistake!

Tip #1: Paper or electronic-you need to decide or try both methods to see which is more effective for you! For example at work, I tend to use a lot of post its because it feels so good to cross those items off then throw it away versus for every day personal to-dos, I prefer to use the help of a handy app such as AnyList.

Tip #2: Set realistic lists meaning that a daily list should consist of items that you legitimately need or hope to get done that day! Putting too many items on your lists can lead to feeling overwhelmed as well as if you failed! Ideally, your list should motivate you to do more while also not underselling what you can complete in a given period of time.

Tip #3: Prioritize! Similar to above, what is it that you need or really desire to complete in a given chunk of time? At work, what are your top 3 tasks that need completed before you can move on to additional items that you aren’t quite on a timeline for? For your personal life, which 3 items will make you feel the most productive today? What can you complete and check off that will make you feel proud? Start there!

Tip #4: Motivation-As I mentioned for me, checking off those items and throwing the post it away or clearing the list electronically keeps me motivated to get after it! Find what motivates you to set a great list and then complete it. Maybe it’s rewarding yourself to a coffee or meal after finishing all your errands or it’s hosting a get together after completing all your cleaning tasks! Whatever it is, set that motivation, write your realistic to-do list and make it happen!

This Week’s Spot is:

Sweetberry, Virginia Beach

If Sweetberry isn’t already your local go to spot for a bowl or smoothie, you are sadly missing out! Specializing in various healthy and superfood menu items, Sweetberry offers delicious smoothie bowls that can be made to order or prefixed from their favorites! With super fresh ingredients and large portions, these bowls are perfection! Not into smoothie bowls? Try one of their salads creations or a traditional drinkable smoothie. You will not be disappointed in the quality of ingredients and freshness of their food!

Interested in having your event featured? Want to sponsor an upcoming issue? Get in touch and let’s chat about how The Social can benefit you!

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