Blogger Woes & Wows

So we’ve all been there! This post is most likely #relatable with anyone that blogs or started an endeavor that was completely foreign to them. I started my blogger journey a long 2ish months ago and honestly have felt overwhelmed much of that time! Despite the typical woes, I have also learned so much (many wows) and am loving this blogging journey! This post is for all those blogger newbies out there wondering what in the world they just got themselves into-don’t freak because you got this!

2 months later…

And like I mentioned, I’ve learned a lot! I’ve been confused a lot too but I’m working on it! Here’s my best advice at this stage of blogging:

If you hope to monetize/have more options/control your blog:

  • Make sure you are self-hosting
  • Switch over to self hosting if you aren’t there already (way more options)
  • Spend time looking into and developing a privacy policy, cookies policy and an overall understanding of the legal policies associated with blogging
  • Set up an email so you can be contacted by those that may be interested in working with you
  • Look into all the plugin options-there are so many good ones out there that can help you do almost anything

How to gain more views/followers:

  • Utilize social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to reach your following
  • Join blogging groups on social media to connect with fellow bloggers
  • Interact with fellow bloggers and participate in collaboration threads/shares
  • Start to learn Pinterest and utilize it to gain followers

Other newbie advice:

  • Don’t stress not focus on the woes!
  • Spend time finding your niche and your personal writing style
  • Followers will come with time so be patient
  • Take advantage of the live chat and 24/7 help desk services provided by your blog hosts
  • Learn blogging keywords so you can do your research and “look” like you know what you are talking about (because at 2 months in, if you are like me-you mostly don’t)
  • Follow other bloggers to see the different styles, niches and ways to approach blogging
  • Ask for advice, take others advice, write a blog post about your own advice
  • Avoid being fearful of the process and take time to enjoy your successes as well as all the new skills you are learning

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