Love It Up Town Center

A Social Gal’s Review:

Love It Up at Town Center Virginia Beach was a fabulous event aimed at introducing brides, couples and wedding enthusiasts alike to all that the shops of Town Center have to offer! It was completely complimentary and open to anyone that wanted to attend! I found out about the event on social media and quickly found their Eventbrite page with the option to secure the free tickets!

The event began somewhat as a scavenger hunt where after registering to participate at the Westin Hotel, attendees were given a map and participation guide along with freebies and sent off to have fun! And fun was definitely had!

How it worked:

Each of the 21 participating locations had some sort of setup, giveaway, information, tasting or drawing for attendees to enjoy! Upon visiting each location in any order you chose, those of us attending were given a sticker to put on to our participation guide with the goal to collect them all and be entered to win prizes!

All of the shops from restaurants to jewelry, makeup, clothing, ice cream, home decor and more, offered a unique perspective to those in the process of wedding planning! At each location we visited, we gained inspiration, ideas for various wedding aspects, interacted with the vendors as well as attendees and most importantly, had fun! There was something to learn at this event for everyone and the beauty was that the stores gained a lot of exposure and those participating had a no pressure way to see all they had to offer set in a very enjoyable atmosphere!

Biggest Takeaways:

Like I said, we left very inspired but here were our biggest “ah-ha” moments from the event!

For the Groom
  • Suits for the groom/groomsmen can take 2-5 weeks to come in with all the alterations needed as determined by the tailor
  • The groom has an option to custom make a suit based off his (and her) preferences
  • Cost for cost, the customization is not that much more than what it would be to buy off the rack and add alterations
  • There are multiple types of suits and not all will work for each guy’s body type just like for women so ask for assistance with which suit type is right for your guy
  • Men’s Warehouse gave us so much information from his sizing to customization, which suit style fits him best and so on
  • Ring guards for the ladies wedding bands are a beautiful way to showcase the engagement ring
  • They can also be worn together without the engagement ring for a simpler look
  • Not all engagement rings and wedding bands need fused together as there are other options for a beautiful look without doing so
  • Fusing is reversible so it can be undone if you were to want to change your look to add to it
  • Small and personal favors for the engagement dinner, rehearsal, shower, wedding, etc. are a great touch to show your guests how much you appreciate them
  • These favors can be personalized for your specific event and vendors are happy to work with you to make them exactly as you want
  • Take your time when building your registry at various places to be sure you have included items that you would most like to have gifted to you
  • Both Williams and Sonoma and Pottery Barn offer this service and have beautiful gifts for the home and kitchen

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