IKEA Madness

Chances are you’ve heard of IKEA, the Swedish company specializing in low cost and easy to assemble modern furniture! I’ve heard many great things about both the stores themselves as well as the products but I will be honest, my first store experience left me overwhelmed!


First off, the design concept of the store is super cool but it’s just so massive! If you’ve never been, let me put it this way, our local IKEA seems bigger than our international airport! I don’t actually know the square footage of either but in an hour and half of steady perusing, we still hadn’t covered the entire store which is two full floors of products! There is so much to look at that I spent much of my time in IKEA feeling like a bobble head swiveling back and forth, up and down! Because of the sheer amount of items in each and every category, it was definitely a shell-shocking shopping experience!

The Awesome!

Again, what I love about IKEA is the staged showrooms! There were tons of rooms put together consisting of all items you could buy right there in store which really helped you picture what you could create in your own home! Many of the showrooms were very impressive not only in design but also in cost! IKEA has many well-priced items that won’t break the bank yet will be on trend and of style! Regardless of what you are looking for, you are sure to find it at IKEA! Whether you are looking for simple lighting or a specific counter top material, IKEA will have a variety of in-store items to look at and even more available online!

A Social Gals’s Final Thoughts

Overall, I think IKEA has great pieces that are both decent quality at a lower price point yet in the current and modern style that many are looking for! Personally, I would shop at IKEA for a few select items that I plan to switch out every few years such as lamps and decorations. I also think that IKEA is an awesome place to purchase children’s furniture and/or furniture for families that move very few years as it’s much lighter, easier to move and cost effective!

Tips for shopping at IKEA

  • Go in with an idea of what you are shopping for
  • Avoid wandering around aimlessly
  • Shop for only a few select items at a time to avoid being overwhelmed with decisions
  • Utilize the employees in each showroom area to assist you
  • Take your time it don’t be afraid to make a decision

I would love to hear about your IKEA experience including any great purchases you made that you love!

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  1. I loooove Ikea! These are such good tips. It’s one of my favorite places to go for food props!

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