Self-Care Sunday

Is self-care important to you? If you are shrugging your shoulders then you need to read this because chances are, you aren’t giving yourself enough love!

Trust me, there was a time when I didn’t either and guess what, during those times I felt rundown a lot, got sick more often and overall, I noticed that my mood declined! On the other hand, when I take some time out of every week for some self-care, my mood increases, I feel more on point and healthier in general!

We are all busy people especially these days with the age of social media and basically living on our phones! I’m guilty of it too and my body lets me know when I sit in one position staring at this not so small screen for way too long! This is when I know it’s time to disconnect, take a break and fit in a little bit of self-care!

So what does self-care look like? Well, to each their own honestly even though I know that’s a crap answer. We each have our own set of things we love to do and ways to replenish so what you might do versus what I do to give myself some self-care may be drastically different yet equally as effective!

Not matter how you choose to do it, self-care is vital to your overall health! It doesn’t have to cost much, heck many of my ways are free, nor does it need to take a large amount of time! We all have 5 minutes in our day that we can take for ourselves! I highly encourage you to find those few minutes and implement that much needed and well deserved self-care!

A Social Gal’s Free Self-Care Ideas:

  • Spend a few minutes outside disconnected from your devices
  • Make a playlist of songs that match your mood and get listening
  • Read 10 pages of your favorite book
  • Take 5 minutes to read positive and uplifting quotes (cue Pinterest)
  • Get creative with a craft you’ve put off or a DIY project you’ve been meaning to start
  • Declutter a space that needs some TLC
  • Engage in some pet therapy with your favorite furry (or feathery, scaly, etc.) animal
  • Get in a workout whether it be a brief walk or a tough at home circuit
  • Nap it out and recharge
  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Draw yourself a bubble bath or diffuse some favorite oils

A Social Gal’s Splurge Self-Care Ideas:

  • Invest in a massage or reflexology
  • Pamper yourself with a manicure or pedicure
  • Get a caffeine or tea fix in and enjoy an hour taking in the sights from a favorite coffee shop
  • Call up a few friends for a girls day
  • Get out of town for a day or weekend trip
  • Find a change of scenery-if you live at the beach then trek to the mountains and vice versa
  • Take a shopping trip and splurge on something new that makes you feel beautiful

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