xoxo, Gossip Girl?

Have you heard the rumors?

Social media is in a frenzy over the news that there is a reboot of Gossip Girl coming containing a whole new cast and generation of characters!

This major announcement got me thinking that I really should explain my xoxo, Social Gal ties to Gossip Girl! I mean cmon, my name does derive from the show’s catchphrase!

For starters, I am a huge Gossip Girl fan but I joined the bandwagon super late like 3 years late but you know what they say, better late than never! I’ve been hooked since day one!

I really fell in love with the characters and especially the fashion of New York’s richest upper eastsiders! However, I am not one for riding the gossip train so I guess that’s the biggest difference between the show’s use of the catchphrase and mine!

In the show, Gossip Girl stirred up a lot of you know what and if you didn’t watch the series, you can imagine the type of gossip and drama uber rich New York teens had!

For me, I like to use my Social Gal status for good! I like to think of myself as your resident go to gal for the local food, event and social scene! So it’s kind of like gossip except gossip for good because everything I am spreading is news about the best places to grab a bite, get a drink and spend the day!

So when it came time for a name for my blog, I already knew that I wanted to have Social Gal in it but I just couldn’t resist adding a little bit of one of my favorite shows in there too! Now here we are!

Just keep in mind….

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